A little about how hobbies for games and gadgets can destroy relationships

How often do your dates end badly? Or did it all go towards a romantic evening or tea at one of you's house, but in the end something went wrong?

This happened to the Japanese. He published a story on one of the social networks, in which he said that he had been talking with a girl for some time, and once invited her home.

However, the girl, as soon as she saw his room, fled the man's apartment.

It turned out that the whole point is that his room, to put it mildly, looks unusual. The Japanese attached the relevant photos.

It looks, at the very least, interesting: hundreds of volumes of Japanese manga, video games, figurines, old consoles and a lot of all sorts of cute typical otaku things.

For most gamers, such a room would become a real paradise, and it’s even scary to think how much money the Japanese spent to collect all this wealth in one place.

In addition to an endless number of games and artifacts,the Japanese also turned out to be several cats rescued from the street. Interestingly, in Japan it is almost impossible to rent an apartment if you have a pet. So, most likely, the man is the owner of the home, and, most likely, very rich. After all, the land in the Land of the Rising Sun is also very, very expensive.

However, users supported the man:

“Maybe she left because you only have onetable? As a girl, I would be tempted to play all this with my boyfriend. I think it would be nice to have a relationship where we could spend time together playing different games. I would like such a partner, ”wrote one of the wearers.

“For me, as a gamer, this is a great room, but from a woman’s point of view, it’s probably shit. Your room is the best I have ever seen mate,” another user wrote.

In general, many of them agreed thatthe room is furnished and really nice. And, perhaps, the reason is not at all in the room, but in the fact that the girl really needed to urgently run somewhere, well, or she is allergic to cats.