A Korean student created the concept of an electronic car with built-in magnets

Everything works simply. We describe the situation.There is a bridge. The upper part is the roadbed. Below are strong magnetic stations. Public transport moves on the upper part of the bridge, cars will use the lower part with built-in magnets. Yes, a little longer, but this eliminates traffic jams.

The Trois concept is flexible enough to allow the car to be lifted even up a wall. Everything depends only on how exactly the services interested in the project organize movements in various dimensions.

It should be noted that not onlythe concept of magnets, but also a special car that will interact with them. That is, on some nine, a ride on the holders, alas, will not work.

On paper, the idea looks cool.As conceived by the author, the project will help rid the city of any congestion, but it is difficult to predict what will happen when such installations actually appear on the street. Despite all the safety of the structure, what will happen if the electricity suddenly goes out? There are many questions, but there are concepts for that, in order to further weigh all the pros and cons, to complement the details.