A keyboard model was created that simulates the sounds of a typewriter (video)

When using standard mechanicalKeyboards emit sounds reminiscent of a typewriter knocking from a distant past. This soundtrack gave a joke to call the noisiest keyboards “typewriters”. The blogger Teenenggr decided to bring the sound of typing on a computer as close as possible to the real sounds previously generated by mechanical typewriters.

For this purpose, the blogger used non-standarddetails that allow owners of modern computer keyboards to enjoy the sounds that accompanied the creation of paper documents in the computer rooms of the last century. Created by an enthusiast, the system generates sounds that resemble the sound of typewriters every time you press the computer keyboard.

In the original design Teenenggr usedwooden rail with solenoids mounted on it, simulating loud clicks. The system runs under the Arduino platform, which is connected to the computer via a USB connector. As a result, each time you press a keyboard key, the device makes a click and moves one step, similar to the way a typewriter carriage moved. When typing a certain number of characters, the rake freezes, and the blogger manually pushes it to its original position.

The design diagram and code for Arduino are publicly available on Github, and anyone who wants to feel the sonic charms of typewriters can create their own installation.