A good example of what a Google number looks like (video)

Visually represent the largest number inThe universe will help the mechanical machine of the YouTube enthusiast Daniel de Bruin, who created the gear mechanism, which explains and visualizes the number of “gugolds” or 10 to the hundredth degree. Such a number currently has no real analogues; it is even the largest number of atoms in the studied part of our Universe, which is approximately 10 to 81 degrees.

Nevertheless, the thirty-year engineer was able tovisualize a number that has no analogues in our world. Bruin dedicated his invention to his 30th birthday, noting that by this time he had already lived one billion seconds from the moment of birth. An enthusiast created an easy-to-understand demonstrator of the number of “googles” using only 100 gears with a gear ratio of 10.

United in series 100 gears will allowto give at least some physical meaning to the gigantic number of “googles”, which at the same time has become the basis for the name of the giant search engine Google. Currently, the number 10 is used to a 100 degree only by theorists in the mathematics of large numbers and has no practical use.

The googol number demonstrator uses the principlemechanical downshift, when at 10 revolutions of the same gear, the other rotates only one revolution. And for one revolution of the third gear, you will need to complete 100 turns of the first and 10 turns on the second gear. Thus, to rotate the hundredth gear by one revolution, the first must be turned “googol” times.

It’s impossible to really do such a job, becauseeven if you rotate the first gear with a frequency of one revolution per second, for 1 billion seconds lived by the 30-year-old Bruin, it will be possible to complete one revolution of only the 9th gear. The use of high-speed motors will also not allow this work to be performed, since the first gears will rub off to dust from such a huge number of revolutions.