A fully wireless TV was created in Russia (video)

A team of engineers from Russia working inprivate research company Reasonance unveiled at CES 2021 an innovative technology for the all-wireless TV of the future, with no wired connections for either signal transmission or power generation. The power supply system of the demo TV is based on an electrical transmitter and a receiving coil.

Modern televisions are becoming more and morethin, with more and more impressive diagonals of screens. If the problem of wireless transmission of a TV signal is solved using a Wi-Fi module, then a wired connection is required to supply energy, which limits the possibilities of users. The solution proposed by Russian engineers can become the basis for creating completely autonomous, wire-free TVs.

The principle of operation of the Russian TV from the companyReasonance is based on the creation of a magnetic field by both conduction currents and displacement currents, and the system efficiency is 90% when working at a distance between the transmitter and receiver of energy up to 1 meter. At the same time, according to the developers, wireless power does not significantly affect the final cost of the TV.

TV with 40with an inch screen received a receiving coil located on the back of the device. The coil built into the cabinet makes the TV thicker. During the demonstration, the energy transmitter was located 50 cm below the TV. The demonstration sample is supplied with 120 W of energy with a frequency in the range of 20 to 120 kHz.

Reasonance technology is currently in the patent pending phase and the developers hope to profit from the distribution of the invention license.