A drone with an electric motor lifts up to 3 people

Into an ongoing race of air developerstaxi entered the British company Vertical Industries, based in Bristol. The company's engineers introduced the eVTOL Seraph aircraft capable of transporting up to 250 kg of payload while traveling at a speed of 80 km / h. Technical characteristics put forward the eVTOL Seraph as the main contender for the role of air carriers in England.

The aircraft is propelled by 12coaxial screws located on six rods in pairs. The battery is most likely located in the upper part of the device, which allows for natural cooling of the power supply and control system from the oncoming air stream. In the manufacture of the body used carbon composite.

According to the developers of the aircraft, eVTOL Seraph will be able totransport one pilot and two passengers, and also be used for cargo delivery. However, certification by the appropriate regulatory authorities must be obtained.

Currently in flight testsIt was found that the eVTOL Seraph can fly at a speed of 80 km / h and the flight duration does not exceed 20 minutes. Such severe restrictions impose the limited capabilities of modern batteries, unable to provide a longer flight.

Source: vertical-aerospace