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A device has been created that allows you to taste even the most expensive dish

In the entire history of the existence of mankindCulinary specialists have come up with millions of different dishes, each of which has a unique taste. Every day we eat only the most affordable ones like pasta and dumplings, but there are real culinary masterpieces in the world that we simply cannot afford. I think many of us would not refuse to taste the dishes of expensive meat, mushrooms and other ingredients. Let me share the good news - in a few decades, we may have such an opportunity, and for this we will not have to pay thousands of dollars. The device that is currently known as the “synthesizer” will help us in this. norimaki"And can imitate the tastes of different dishes.

“Norimaki synthesizer” allows you to feel almost any taste

Norimaki- This is a kind of dense rolls, where the filling of rice and seafood is wrapped in edible nori seaweed.

What are the tastes?

A device that can mimic different tastes,was invented by researchers from Meiji University (Japan). It consists of two parts - a remote control for controlling the intensity of different tastes and a tube wrapped in algae. At the end of this tube there are five bulges with various gels that allow a person to experience different tastes when they touch their tongue.

On the left is the handset to lean against the tongue, on the right is the taste intensity control panel

Bulges mimic 5 tastes:

  • sweet with glycine;
  • salted with sodium chloride;
  • bitter with magnesium chloride;
  • acidic with citric acid;
  • mindsusing glutamine sodium.

Minds Is the fifth, additional flavor,which in 1990 was officially recognized in the countries of the Far East. From Japanese its name can be translated as “pleasant spicy taste” and its notes can be seen in soy sauce, parmesan cheese and walnuts. Overall, it feels like salty.

Food of the future

The Norimaki Synthesizer works quite simply. A person applies a tube to his tongue with multi-colored bulges that contain the above gels. Through the wires, weak discharges of electric current are applied to the bulges and each substance acts on the taste buds of the tongue with different strengths. By combining the five flavors with the remote control, researchers can give people the opportunity to feel different dishes in their mouths, although in reality they are not.

“Norimaki Synthesizer” - front view

According to the head of scientific work HomeyMiyashita, this is similar to how a person perceives an image on a TV, computer or smartphone. In fact, red, blue and green dots flicker with different powers in front of a person’s eyes, but when combined, they add up to a beautiful picture. The “norimaki synthesizer” works in approximately the same way - a language with different powers feels sweet, salty, bitter, sour tastes and minds, the combination of which recreates the sensations from different dishes.

Vagyu beef dishes are among the most expensive in the world

It remains only to wait for improvementtechnology, because at the moment the device is like electronic sushi and too bulky. The development of such technologies is carried out by many groups of scientists - my colleague Vladimir Kuznetsov mentioned them in 2016. Only now nothing new is heard about their technologies and it would be nice if the staff of Meiji University did not stop burning their ideas and presented something massive.

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