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A coronavirus patient shares his condition on Facebook

Coronavirus infection continues to seizeworld. While the mysterious disease is gradually gaining new rumors and speculation (sometimes the most ridiculous: it is not for nothing that the people of Australia bought all the toilet paper on the mainland) Petri Hallman from Finland shared his observations with Facebook users about the coronavirus that hit him and his whole family. So what is a disease and is everything really so scary?

Petri Hallman shares his observations on coronavirus infection on Facebook

Symptoms of coronavirus infection

When planning your next trip to Europe,Finnish resident Petri Hallman could hardly imagine how it could end. Traveling from the Finnish city of Turku to Austrian Tirol (located near Italy) on March 5, 2020, Petri carefully studied the number of cases in the countries planned for his visit, and although Italy was already declared an epidemic zone at that time, its neighboring regions virtually free of the virus. In order not to leave a dangerous infection a chance, Petri used all the precautions available to him during the trip, using antibacterial gels and washing his hands at every opportunity (we wrote how to wash your hands and, most importantly, dry them).

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After the trip, Petri, feeling absolutelyhealthy, returned to Finland and the next day was able to return to work. When, after returning, Hallman found out that Tyrol was declared an epidemic zone, he decided to stay at home just in case, in order to be able to more effectively monitor his well-being and, in the event of his deterioration, to take the necessary measures. The Finns are a very responsible people, and independent isolation seemed to Petri to be right, for the good of society. When, four days after his return, Petri Hallman decided to check the Oura smart ring - a small gadget with which you can get information about the main indicators of the body, the traveler's fears were confirmed: Hallman's body temperature was significantly elevated.

Oura Smart Ring Measuring Key Human Health Indicators

Despite the fact that besides the temperature, PetriHallman did not have any symptoms of a coronavirus, the traveler decided to go to a local clinic, where after testing Petri was found to have a coronovirus that arrived in Europe from the Chinese city of Wuhan in early 2020. According to Hallman, who described the whole situation on his Facebook profile in detail, immediately after being diagnosed, hospital specialists interviewed the man about all the contacts he made upon his return from Austria. Due to the fact that the patient took all precautions in time and immediately limited communication with colleagues and friends, his wife and children became the only people who were affected by the infection.

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According to Hallman, the coronavirus that struckThe traveler turned out to be a very bland version of Chinese infection. So, the very next day, Petri’s fever returned to normal, although Petri’s wife and children still had a sore throat for some time. Despite being well, the whole family is currently in quarantine for 14 days. The author of the Facebook post himself warns against panic, personal hygiene and avoiding especially crowded public places, warning about the possible consequences of a “bad” version of the virus that can cause high body temperature, severe pneumonia and even kidney failure.

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