A company from Sydney decided to make life easier for fans of DnD by releasing a set for creating dungeons

Board games have always been popular and thisthe statement applies to both simple projects like "Svintus", card Magic: The Gathering, but also more complex ones, such as Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.

Moreover, the last two are so complex that special sectional table locks are sold for them, in which a role-playing game will be held.

Sydney-based company Dumb Fun Games has decidedhustle and launch a kickstarter campaign. For around 1000r you can make a down payment for 8 game tiles from which you can collect various dungeons. Thanks to the modular design, the structure of each game campaign can be unique.

If the fees on the Internet service are successful, then the first “sponsors” will receive sets in August 2022.

“I decided to do my own modelingfor 3D printing tiles for DND, when the standard tiles I bought for the game did not suit me. My main gripe with purchased kits is the time-consuming process of creating and setting up these plates before playing. I wanted dungeon tiles that I could take out of the box, put on the table and immediately start the game campaign. So I decided to try and create my own dungeon tiles that would be easy to print and easy to use on the table,” notes the creator of the project.

In general, for board game lovers who do not want to bother, this project is a comfortable option to save time.