A clever ball will entertain a pet while nobody is at home (6 photos + video)

Many owners of dogs and cats feel sorry for leavingtheir pets all day alone. It seems to them that the beast is not able to entertain itself on its own, and it is trivially awaiting the return of a man from home, not paying attention to his favorite toys. However, Wicked Ball is able to dispel all these concerns.

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It's about a ball, ready to keep a pet inlack of owners He knows how to jump, ride, vibrate and glow for several hours. The duration of this operation depends on the selected mode. The device is recharged via USB and takes about an hour on average.

The first mode is relatively calm, heactivates the ball every half hour for ten minutes. If you touch it during the break, the cycle will be reset, and the toy will again roll on the floor. In this mode, the Wicked Ball functions for up to 8 hours. A more intense option involves equal duration of the shift of rest and activity. It lasts for 4 hours. In the most unruly mode, the ball will discharge in 100 minutes. Modes are switched by pressing the button located inside the gadget. In this case, the mode is available only if you remove the outer shell.

During the game the ball moves is not chaotic. Recognizing the likelihood of a collision with objects, he can change the direction of motion to the opposite. So he will not slip at one point, propping up furniture or walls.

To attract the attention of the pet on the outsidethe surface of the device placed a small compartment for catnip or dry food. At the same time, it is practically impossible to damage a toy: it is reliably protected from breaking or breaking the shell. The authors of the project have provided and protection from moisture. So the Wicked Ball can be washed under running water and thrown into the pond.

You can buy the development on the platformKickstarter Here the standard version of the Wicked Ball costs $ 41. There is also a soft shell version of the toy designed specifically for cats and cats. It costs exactly the same.