A Chinese photographer has designed a phone case with memory card slots.

If your work involves photography, youyou know perfectly well that an additional memory card cannot be superfluous. They forgot to transfer the pictures to the PC, or the memory simply ran out - they quickly changed and continued to work.

Cards are stored in cases, pouches,wallet, sometimes even in the camera itself there are two sections for cards, but Hong Kong resident Su Yong Kang decided to offer his own unique storage option on Kickstarter.

The Chinese has created a special case for the phone, which can accommodate standard-sized memory cards, micro SD cards and a quick release key.

Collections for the novelty are already underway. You can expect delivery of a useful case around the world by July 2022.

The solution is really interesting considering thatyou always take your phone with you, which means that the cards will always be at hand, but there is one BUT. Apparently, so far the solution exists only for the latest iPhone models.

This can really make life easier for many photographers who are constantly on the road and receive many orders without having time to clear their memory.

It remains only to come up with the same convenient solution for storing batteries. It is a pity that this does not work with lenses.