A cheap dialer Jinga Simple F140 - phone and nothing more

In the usual push-button dialer and so not very many interesting things can be found, but in a simple Jinga Simple F140, you can say, there is nothing at all. This is the model and curious.

The phone turned out to claim oneof the simplest in the world. There is nothing here: no camera, no radio, no memory card slot, no Bluetooth. Only a flashlight and the ability to call and send SMS. There is not even a second SIM card slot.

Charging is not through the USB connector (as you probably already guessed, it is not), but through something round hole on its side.

But the price tag is excellent - 390 rubles at the start of sales.

The main characteristics of Jinga Simple F140:

Screen TFT, 1.44 ″, 96 × 68
Iron Spreadtrum SC6500
Mobile networks GSM 900, 1800
Battery Li-Ion, 600 mAh
Dimensions 107 x 48 x 14.5 mm
Weight59 g

Tatyana Kobelskaya