A bug in the iPhone XS and XS Max is very annoying users (video)

Many users of the iPhone XS and XS Max on the official Apple forum have expressed concern about the problem with animation.

After the device stays inactivecondition over 10 seconds, the animation on the monitor starts to hang or twitch when the user tries to scroll the screen. The problem exists for a long time, the first mentions on Facebook date back to October of last year.

The manufacturer is aware of an existing problem.causing users irritation and discomfort. Individual owners of the iPhone XS and XS Max were able to issue a replacement device under warranty. However, it turned out that the problem does not disappear in the new devices. One of the users twice encountered such a problem, trying to solve the problem of "stuttering" animation. A video showing the lack of iPhone XS and XS Max models that is completely missing from the iPhone XR or iPhone X is uploaded to the network.

Some users suggest thatThe problem manifested is caused by the Deep Sleep A12 Bionic chip mode. The chipset turns off while the smartphone is inactive and cannot adequately respond to the user's initial touch input. An Apple employee unofficially stated that smartphones were not properly calibrated. I want to believe that in the next iOS update, the problem will be eliminated.