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A bug in Apple's Safari browser can lead to the loss of sensitive user data

Serious bug in Safari browser wasfeatured in a blog post from FingerprintJS. As a result of the identified bug, information about the user's recent browsing history may be disclosed, and even some information about the Google account from which the browser was logged in.

The problem found is in the implementationIndexedDB in Safari on Mac and iOS to see database names for any domain. This information will allow you to obtain specific information about the user, including the Google account.

Taking advantage of the bug, attackers throughthe fraudulent site created can determine the user's Google ID and then use it to obtain personal information. To date, the vulnerability has affected all running versions of Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Apple was warned about the error as early as November 28, but the problem has not yet been fixed.

Source: 9to5mac