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A box of dozens of terrible spiders found in Australia

Today, due to a gradual increase in temperatureof our planet and deforestation, some species of animals are deprived of their natural habitats and are at risk of extinction. To provide livelihoods for animals, organizations in many countries are creating nature reserves, one of which is Monjebup in Western Australia. Its employees have already planted trees that can serve as housing and food for dwarf possums, but there are not so many of them and they are not mature enough to satisfy the needs of all animals. Therefore, the reserve workers also had to build boxes suitable for living possums, inside one of which dozens of terrible spiders were discovered.

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About an unusual find to ScienceAlerttold ecologist Angela Sanders. According to her, one day she opened a box for possums and found inside her a bunch of so-called giant crab spiders. The body length of adults of this type of spider can reach 30 centimeters, and although the poison is not fatal to humans, it can still cause swelling, nausea, headache and vomiting. While people with fear of spiders would cry out in horror, Angela Sanders and her colleagues were only happy to see such a sight. The fact that there are spiders in opossum boxes means that these dwellings are also suitable for other types of animals.

The same spiders found in the possum box

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Despite the fact that spiders were found in the boxdifferent sizes and colors, they are all representatives of the same species. External differences are due only to the fact that in the group there are both adults and small individuals. According to environmentalists, giant crab spiders usually hide under the bark of trees and can live even in residential buildings. However, in the reserve there aren’t enough such places, so there was nothing left for them but living in a wooden box.

Giant crab spiders are also known as “Huntsman spider,” which means “hunter” or “hunter” in English.

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That a large group of spiders live together,there is nothing unusual. Some species of arthropods choose a way of life to weave huge cobwebs and easier to get their own food. However, crab spiders live in a group because it allows them to grow as strong and healthy offspring as possible. This is evidenced by one of recent studies, during which it turned out that after staying in such a "family" spiders diverge and lead a solitary lifestyle.

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Having found a box with spiders, the workers of the reserveconcluded that they help each other survive in difficult conditions. Arthropods work together to share food with each other and provide offspring with all the conditions for proper development. Such mutual support among spiders is considered a truly amazing phenomenon.

Dwarf possums are perhaps the cutest animals in this article.

As for possums, they are definitely not worth itworry. The fact is that, in a conversation with reporters, the reserve staff assured that there are enough boxes for housing for all types of animals, and until the trees mature, they have secluded places for a quiet living.