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A baby with a second mouth was born in the United States: surgeons performed an operation to remove it

For several consecutive weeks, foreign publicationsfull of news that a girl with two mouths was born in the United States. The main one is located in its place, and the second was formed in the chin area and even grew its own teeth and rudiments of the tongue. Since 1900, only 35 such cases have been recorded. As a rule, children with such a deviation die some time after birth. But this girl was very lucky because she was born in the age of technology. When she was six months old, the surgeons successfully removed the second mouth and now the child feels great. This is a very rare medical case, so let's see how the doctors discovered the abnormality and performed the operation. Also consider several similar medical cases.

Girl's face after surgery

Fancy kids

According to BMJ Case Report, Maternal Pregnancythe famous girl passed normally. However, during one of the ultrasound sessions at 28 weeks of gestation, doctors noticed a neoplasm in the lower jaw of the fetus. Initially, it was assumed that a tumor formed on the face of the child, but with confidence it could be said only after childbirth. Waiting for the birth of a child, the doctors were surprised to find that an extra mouth had grown on the right lower jaw of the girl.

Reconstruction of a girl’s skull made on a computer. Pay attention to the jaw

The depth of the oral cavity was about 13centimeters, she was surrounded by her lips, and inside were found tissue suitable for tooth growth and the rudiments of the tongue. The mouth secreted saliva, but was not associated with the esophagus and did not interfere with eating and breathing. The girl was eating well and gaining weight, but the doctors constantly monitored her. They noticed that during feeding the child sticks out a second tongue and moves them in the same way as the main one.

Outwardly, the second mouth looked like this

When the girl turned six months old, she was decidedto operate - the surgeons clearly had a plan on how to remove the second mouth. They drilled the patient's lower jaw and removed the bones from which the teeth of the second mouth grew. They also carved extra lips and a second tongue. The operation was successful, but without consequences. Firstly, a scar remained on the site of the second mouth. Secondly, the surgeons obviously hit the muscles and nerves, because now the girl can’t move her lower right lip. Otherwise, she remained completely healthy.

What is diprosop?

The phenomenon that was recorded in the girl is called diprosopom or craniofacial duplication. It is usually found in Siamese twins - brothers and sisters, who are forced to divide one body into two. Usually the Siamese twins are connected in the pelvic region, but in the case of diprosop they have one head, which has two faces - a terrible sight.

Diprozop - the phenomenon when fused twins have one head with two faces

In 2014, craniofacial duplication wasrecorded in Australia - a local resident Reni Young gave birth to girls with one head for two. The sisters, who were given the names Hope and Faith, in addition to their heads, have one body with one set of internal organs and common limbs. But at the same time, each of them has its own face and separate brains. You can see photos of parents and unusual sisters on the Daily Mail website, but I warn you - what you see can shock you.

Fortunately, the American girl had a weakdiprozop form. It is believed that this phenomenon occurs during the formation of twins, when the mother's egg is divided in two and gives rise to two lives at once. But sometimes the egg is divided too late, about 14-15 days after fertilization - at this time cells already begin to form and the fruits cannot completely separate from each other. As a result of this error, children are born who share one body in two.

If you have some free time, I recommend watching the Rock and Roll Brothers movie. There, two fused brothers organize their rock band.

In a small resident of the United States, due to a mistake, she grewjust an extra mouth that was successfully removed. In the medical literature, doctors managed to find only a couple of similar cases. The first was recorded in 1948 - an additional mouth with a moving tongue was also found in the newborn boy. In 1978, a 22-year-old man was found, whose extra mouth was formed in the temple area.

Earlier in the media a long time discussed the boynamed Tres Johnson. He was born in 2004 and doctors prophesied him a quick death, but the guy had already celebrated his 16th birthday. He recently wrote it to The Scientific Reporters.

Doctors noted that diprozop usually occurs infemale children. However, this is most likely just a coincidence. Over the course of a century, only three dozen such cases were recorded; therefore, to say that this deviation is characteristic of girls is wrong. In order to draw more accurate conclusions, there are very few such cases. And, you know, the way the statistics do not change and everyone will be healthy.

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