A 195-gigapixel photo of Shanghai was created where everyone can be seen

Most of the photos people takemade on smartphone cameras with a resolution of 12 megapixels. When you zoom in, they break up into small squares, but what happens if the photo has a resolution of 195,000 megapixels? If we are talking about photographs of the city, then the approach allows you to see each person who walks along its streets. You can verify this by looking at the 195-gigapixel photo of Shanghai from BigPixel.

Panoramic shot of Shanghai taken from a height230-meter television tower "Oriental Pearl". Of course, BigPixel does not have such a super-camera that can take a photo of this size at a time. The panorama was glued from thousands of individual images made on professional cameras, the names of which the company does not disclose. The gluing process took two months.

The panorama is posted on the official BigPixel website andavailable to all comers. It is worth agreeing that the quality and detail of the image is amazing. To control the camera, you can use both the buttons on the keyboard and the mouse. To zoom in, press the zoom button or scroll the mouse wheel.

Notably, this is not the biggestphotography in the world. The record belongs to the panorama of the city of Kuala Lumpur, made by researchers from Malaysia in 2015. It consists of 31,000 individual photos and is also available for viewing to anyone.

For nature lovers there is a 365 gigapixelPhoto of the french Mont Blanc mountain. The panorama was created by five people who used a Canon 70D camera with Canon EF 400mm f / 2.8 IS II and Canon Extender 2X III lenses. You can see the photo on a special site.

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