99 smartphones transported across Berlin on a trolley “created” virtual traffic jams in Google Maps (3 photos + video)

Using Google services in everydaylife becomes integral and familiar to almost every reality. A kind of performance on the streets of Berlin was organized by the artist Simon Weckert, creating a virtual traffic jam in Google Maps.

Using the Google Map Serviceradically changed the life of mankind. Using convenient interactive and scalable functions of Google Maps freed up a huge amount of time for people previously used to find the desired geographical point or to get directions.

German artist Simon Weckert used toone trolley and 99 used smartphones connected to the Google Maps service. Having placed all the devices on carts, the enthusiast walked with her through the streets of Berlin.

Google Maps service perceived congestionsmartphones in one geographical point as the presence of problems with traffic jams on the road and advised drivers on how to avoid the point where Vekert’s cart was at that moment.