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830 h.p. and driving sideways - GMC unveils electric Hummer

A legendary brand of Hummer cars for a long timewas going through difficult times due to falling demand for its products. The famous army Hummer H1 was wildly popular at the end of the last century. In addition, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who drove such a car at the peak of his fame, contributed to its popularization. Then there was the Hummer H2, which offered a more compact size and was more suited to the city than the hefty H1. It sold well, but gradually other good SUVs began to appear, and the brand, with its expensive model to maintain, gradually began to fade. Even the release of the Hummer H3 did not save her, which caused more negativity than positive. They talked about him more as a "under-Hammer" than as a full-fledged SUV. So the brand gradually dried up, passed to the Chinese, and now it offered something completely new for itself and very technological. Perhaps the new car will even be able to "wipe its nose" Tesla Cybertruck.

This Hummer has never been.


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Electric Hummer

It is not interesting that the company, in principle, presented a new car, because it was there before. There was a prototype last year electric pickup hummer, which even appeared in the video onYouTube channel Doug DeMuro. Now we have received more specific terms of production, price, new features and technical characteristics. And at the same time we just saw a full-fledged SUV.

GMC Hummer five-door traditional SUVThe EV SUV was originally planned for the lineup, but in order to impress the American market, which raves about pickups and is waiting for the Tesla Cybertruck, it was the "truck" that was first introduced.

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In fact, the pickup and the five-door version are one and the same vehicle, which simply equipped differently... Even outwardly, cars are rectangularwheel arches, Hummer-branded hypertrophied towing eyes and side-to-side wheels. They are placed as close as possible to the bumpers in order to minimize the overhang and increase the angle of the obstacle to be overcome, because any Hummer is primarily an SUV.

The car looks quite stylish and very modern.

Hummer EV characteristics

The exact length of the novelty has not been named, but it will beless than a pickup (5.5 m). The third row is not provided in both cars, but there is a fairly spacious second row of seats. The seats themselves in the five-door version fold down so that the boot floor becomes flat. This is useful even if you need to bring a table from Ikea, not to mention something more.

Both cars can become a convertibleif you remove the rigid roof inserts above the frontseats. Above the rear inserts are also removed, but the roof lintel will still remain. The inserts themselves can be stowed away in a fairly spacious front trunk. This is a slightly dubious decision from the point of view of a full-fledged SUV, since the rejection of a rigid roof cannot but affect the overall rigidity of the structure, even if it is framed.

The car can be converted into a convertible. The result is something like a beach SUV.

In this case GMC Hummer EV SUV has no traditional framelike classic SUVs. Instead, a frame structure was chosen as the supporting element, which is intertwined with the batteries and the subframes and suspension are already attached to it.

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Electric vehicle battery

A battery made by LG is attached to the same frame.Chem. Its main feature is the reduced amount of expensive cobalt. Thanks to this, the battery should become cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

This is how the car looks from below - frame and battery case

The question immediately arises, how can an SUV be equipped with a battery at the bottom? It rides over rocks and a strong impact can damage the structure. We've all seen what happens when strong hit the battery with a hammer, an ax, or even a fork.If you haven't seen it, just know that it is very colorful. It smokes, ignites and even explodes. GM immediately drew attention to this and said that the bottom of the batteries are protected by a powerful plate, and the design allows you to overcome a ford up to 600 mm deep.

Hummer EV cross-country ability

New Hummer equipped air suspension, the maximum height of which reaches 404 mm.It is noted that this will allow you to drive on a ledge with a height of 460 mm, if the tires have enough grip. True, such a suspension height is available only for an additional fee and is not included in the basic package.

Most likely, this car will drive around the city, but first of all it is an SUV.

The most interesting thing about a new car is completelysteered wheels. That is, the rear ones can also turn so that the car goes sideways. In fact, this will not be a completely sideways movement, but only diagonally (CrabWalk mode), but it still sounds pretty.

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Sideways car

All-wheel steer mode is available on smallspeed. Also, the wheels can turn not only in one direction, but also in different directions, reducing the turning radius to 10.8 meters. However, the sideways mode raises some questions. It is not very clear where this can really come in handy. The video on the model's website shows how the car goes around a truck that has gotten up on the road, but this is a dubious advantage, since there was quite enough space for a normal detour. Anyway, in any place where the car goes diagonally, there is enough space for normal taxiing. But turning the wheels for a smaller turning radius is a great idea.

Only it seems to me that here it is possible to pass even without lateral movement?

The GMC Hummer EV SUV did not do without a systemautopilot. It is not clear whether it actually works, but it is declared, and this is already something. However, there is a feeling that, most likely, it will be just an advanced cruise control. It is even called Super Cruise, and among the features is automatic lane change.

This is how the car turns the wheels in the "CrabWalk" mode

Powerful SUV

Earlier it was reported that the pickup will receive engineswith a total capacity of more than 1000 horsepower. The five-door model will have a maximum power of “only” 842 horsepower (three electric motors), and the torque at the wheels is 15,590 Nm. It will be available in the most expensive version, which will be released first and will be called Hummer EV SUV Edition One... Up to 60 mph (97 km / h), such a car can accelerate in 3.5 seconds. At the same time, the maximum mileage cannot be called very high. It will be only 480 km.

Inside, everything is very modern, but in the spirit of the Hummer.

As befits a modern electric car, a carequipped with large displays. There is a 12.3-inch screen in front of the driver, and a large 13.4-inch touchscreen display on the center panel. Naturally, some trim levels offer significantly richer equipment, which includes a powerful audio system, electric front seats, leather seat upholstery and much more.

You have to be passable. Why else would you be?

How much does an electric Hummer EV cost?

Cost of such a car in the maximum configurationwill be $ 106,000 and go on sale in 2023. Hopefully the deadline is true. This is the only way the brand can regain its former popularity.

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An extended version of the maximum configuration will also be available. It will be supplemented package Extreme Off-Road with off-road tires, additional protectionfrom the bottom, reinforced semi-axles and cameras in the lower part of the car for broadcasting on the screen what is happening under the bottom on the road. Also, in this version, an imitation of a differential lock will be available. All this will cost 111,000 dollars, and drive 450 km.

Hummer EV3X SUV version for $ 100,000 will be releasedin the spring of 2023 and will not differ so much from the “maximum speed”. The $ 90,000, twin-engined version of the Hummer EV2X SUV, also due in the spring of 2023, will be more differentiated.

And here is the roomy trunk at the front of the car.

The cheapest car will have to wait the longestfor $ 80,000. This will be the base Hummer EV2 SUV, slated for release in 2024. It will have a total power of 634 hp. and a torque of 10,033 Nm at the wheels. Buying such a car, you will have to give up the high mileage (maximum 400 kilometers) and completely swivel wheels.

You can order your new Hummer now.They will all be produced in the United States at a plant that previously supplied the world with Chevrolet Impala and Cadillac CT6. It cost $ 2.2 billion to retool the facility, but let's hope it was worth it.

As I said above, the five-door version will come outto the market in 2023, and the pickups are due to arrive this fall. Do you think an electric Hummer can take away the glory of the Tesla Cybertruck? Especially considering that this is the first experience for GM? Except for the rather popular small car, the Chevrolet Volt. It seems to me that the company will still have many problems, but sooner or later it will give out a good car.