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7 of the ugliest cars ever

In 2019, Tesla introduced a carThe Cybertruck is an electric pickup truck inspired by the sci-fi movie Blade Runner. Its appearance, reminiscent of a roughly hewn piece of steel, was immediately severely criticized. Some people believed that this was some kind of prank, while others began to invent and distribute memes about the ugliness of Elon Musk's new car. In the first half of 2022, the company introduced an updated version of the pickup during the Cyber ​​Rodeo event, but it did not get much better. The Tesla pickup may be considered one of the ugliest cars in the world, but it's not the only one of its kind - other car manufacturers also produced "freaks". Let's take a look at them?

Fiat Multipla is one of the ugliest cars in the world


  • 1 Edsel - Ford's ugly duckling
  • 2 Austin-Healey Sprite - toad on wheels
  • 3 The Alfa Romeo SZ Is A Dubious Design Beast
  • 4 Subaru Baja - a hybrid for the US market
  • 5 Aston Martin Lagonda - the car that fell under the rink
  • 6 Fiat Multipla - a car with a "fat fold"
  • 7 Toyota WiLL - Japanese "dumpster"

Edsel - Ford's ugly duckling

In 1960, the American company Ford decidedproduce cars under the Edsel brand. High hopes were placed on them: at least $ 250 million was invested in the brand, the name was given in honor of the only son of Henry Ford, and four cars were included in the lineup. It was believed that Edsel cars would be the golden mean between medium and expensive cars. But people did not meet the new items in the way that was expected.

Edsel car

Most of all, the car was criticized fora radiator grill that looked like either a horseshoe or a toilet rim. In addition to the appearance, sales of Edsel were prevented by not the best time to exit - in the middle of the 20th century, another economic recession was observed in the United States, so people could not afford the novelty. All in all, this is one of Ford's biggest failures.

How do you like the Edsel grille?

Austin-Healey Sprite - toad on wheels

In 1961 the British company British MotorCorporation and designer Donald Healey introduced the Austin-Healey Sprite to the world. It was marketed as a roadster that could be stored in a "bicycle shed" and cost little money. So it was, because the novelty turned out to be very compact and even gained popularity - its circulation amounted to 50,000 copies. At the same time, no one can call this car handsome - many people compared it to a toad on wheels. Most likely, all because of the location of the headlights and the grille.

Austin-Healey Sprite car

Austin-Healey Sprite on the road

Red Austin-Healey Sprite

Alfa Romeo SZ is a beast with questionable design

In the 1990s, the Italian manufacturerAlfa Romeo introduced the Sprint Zagato (SZ) to the world. The number of copies was strictly limited and in general the novelty was positioned as a road concept. In terms of technical equipment, the car was beautiful, which can not be said about the appearance. The design was criticized for the seemingly swollen body, as well as the strange combination of rounded elements with right angles. In addition, the tiny rectangular headlights of the Alfa Romeo SZ were definitely out of place.

Alfa Romeo SZ car

Alfa Romeo SZ from a different angle

Alfa Romeo SZ rear

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Subaru Baja - hybrid for the US market

In 2002, the Japanese released the Subaru Baja - a hybridstation wagon and pickup truck for the US market. Basically, the designers took a Subaru Outback, cut off the back of it, and made a pickup truck out of it. It was planned that every year the company would sell 24,000 cars. But the reality turned out to be that in four years of sales, only 30,000 copies were sold. The reason for this is most likely a strange design decision.

Subaru Baja car

Subaru Baja on the road

Aston Martin Lagonda - the car that fell under the rink

From 1974 to 1990 English manufacturerAston Martin produced the Lagonda model. It was very interesting in terms of electronics and interior - just a car from science fiction films. However, many people did not like the body design, because it seemed to them that the car fell under the skating rink and looked like a cake. In addition, electronics constantly broke down and were difficult to fix. Sales were very modest, so for all the time the company managed to sell only 645 copies.

Aston Martin Lagonda car

Aston Martin Lagonda in different color

The interior of the Aston Martin Lagonda was really interesting

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Fiat Multipla - a car with a "fat fold"

In 1998, the Italian company Fiat introducedworld compact car Multipla. In terms of practicality, it was ideal, because it was equipped with three seats in each row at once, a high “ceiling” and a roomy trunk. But to achieve these amenities, designers had to sacrifice a beautiful appearance. Most of all, people did not like the "fat fold" below the windshield with two headlights. Around 2010, the fashion for compact cars left and the model was withdrawn from sale.

Fiat Multipla car

The visual spaciousness of the Fiat Multipla

Toyota WiLL - Japanese "dumpster"

In 1999, Japanese manufacturers came up withthe WiLL brand, under which products were produced that corresponded to the philosophy of kansei engineering. Simply put, the products needed to evoke an emotional response in people. What kind of response Toyota was trying to evoke with its WiLL is not entirely clear, but it clearly did not want to create an association with a dumpster. But everything turned out that way - the Toyota WiLL is very similar to a garbage container. See for yourself.

Toyota WILL car

garbage container

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