$ 7 Mi Home Bluetooth Hygrometer

Control humidity and temperature inthe room will help a new development of engineers from Xiaomi, who presented on the crowdfunding platform Mijia a new model of a hygrometer, which replaced last year's device.

2nd generation model comes with a newdesign and updated features. So the new Mi Home Bluetooth Hygrothermograph 2 is equipped with a square display with reduced energy consumption (in the first generation the screen was round). Instead of rechargeable AAA batteries, the new model will use ordinary CR2032 batteries and will not show the charge level.

The Hygrothermograph 2 is equipped with a temperature sensor with a measurement error of 0.1 degrees Celsius and a Swiss Sensirion sensor with an accuracy of determining humidity readings up to 1%.

The hygrometer is paired with the Mijia app,which will allow the device to join Xiaomi’s ecosystem of smart things and transmit data for the air conditioner, humidifier and heater. The Xiaomi heater, having received data on a temperature drop below the minimum value set by the user, will turn on and will warm the atmosphere to a comfortable level also set by the user.

There is also a special children's mode, whichsignals that the atmosphere in the room is not suitable for the child in terms of temperature or humidity. Currently, you can order three Home Bluetooth Hygrothermograph 2 devices for $ 7, and after the start of retail sales, the price of one device will be $ 4.

Source: gizmochina