7.5 billion rubles allocated for the development of a 32-core processor Elbrus-32S

The creation of a new processor of the Elbrus series will be financed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, which has placed the corresponding order on the state procurement website.

According to the specifications that appeared onwebsite of state purchases, the contractor must develop a 32-core processor intended for use in powerful servers, computing systems, data storage systems and for supercomputers Processor performance should be measured in teraflop and petaflop values.

In the terms of the competition, it is stipulated that 15% ofthe cost of the contract should be allocated for attracting small businesses to work. The microprocessor under the Elbrus-32C brand is designed to operate in the temperature range from -60 to +90 degrees Celsius.

The main consumers of future processorsElbrus-32C should be industrial enterprises, institutions of the Academy of Sciences (RAS), enterprises involved in the aerospace and nuclear industries. The Elbrus-32C processor will also be used when creating artificial intelligence systems.

Source: gov