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6 inventions that don't need improvement

Humanity is engaged in the invention of newtechnology since time immemorial. At first, inventions were primitive, like an ordinary wheel. Over the years, technology has evolved and it got to the point that we invented a powerful car with an internal combustion engine. A printing machine is also an example. If you were given a 19th century typewriter today, you would have a hard time writing even a page of text on it. And all because their buttons were tight, often failed, and during printing, the text was not visible. But today we have computers and laptops with comfortable keyboards, text storage in the cloud, and many other innovations. But in the world there are inventions that, since their creation practically did not change... And all because they do an excellent job with their functions from the beginning and do not require improvements. As part of this article, I suggest you familiarize yourself with five ideal inventions of mankind.

Invention is as much a creative process as drawing and making music. And this has its own romance

Many of those listed in this articleinventions are over a hundred years old. They are very simple in design, but at the same time make our life much easier. Over the course of hundreds of years, some of them have become lighter and more beautiful, and the technology of their production has reached full automation. But the way they perform their functions and how they generally look has remained unchanged. Sometimes scientists try to improve them, but the innovations are simply useless. Ultimately, options with "modern" functions remain useless and people continue to use what they have long been accustomed to.


  • 1 kettle
  • 2 Mousetrap
  • 3 Barbed wire
  • 4 rocking chair
  • 5 LEGO construction set
  • 6 Fly Swatter


You should start your acquaintance with ideal inventions with a teapot. According to scientists, the first teapots appeared around 1279... The birthplace of the invention is considered to be Mongolianthe state of Yuan, which was founded by the grandson of Genghis Khan - Khan Kublai. The main part of this state was China, so the kettle can be considered a Chinese invention. The first teapots in history were made of clay and were multifunctional. In them, people boiled water, brewed tea leaves and even drank a drink. It is believed that in ancient times teapots were small and just enough for one serving. Therefore, there were many of them and people drank tea directly from the spouts, without using cups.

All full-fledged teapots have a spout, a lid and a handle - there are no exceptions

Some may argue that since thenkettles have changed a lot. Indeed, in stores today you can buy electric kettles with timers and even with a voice control function. But notice that their outward features remain the same as they were hundreds of years ago. They still have a handle, a lid, and a spout through which water pours out. Humanity has not come up with anything better and, in fact, is unlikely to come up with. Perhaps in the future there will be artificial intelligence kettles that work without electricity. But their shape is unlikely to change. There is no doubt about that.

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Urban dwellers practically do not experienceproblems caused by mice. Mice can only disturb the inhabitants of the first floors. But even such cases are very rare. At the same time, mousetraps are still relevant in country houses and villages, because wild mice have not gone anywhere. Like thousands of years ago, these rodents are agricultural pests and carriers of dangerous diseases. And people still use spring-loaded mousetraps that were invented in the 19th century... Tell exactly who invented the mousetrapimpossible. The first mousetrap to appear on the market is considered to be the "Little Nipper", which was invented in the 1890s by a certain James Henry Atkinson. But the British inventor Hiram Maxim also had patents on a device similar to a mousetrap. This is the man who invented the Maxim machine gun.

It is important to note that mouse traps are only effective against mice. More sophisticated traps are needed for rats

There are many different mousetraps today. There are mousetrap cages that keep mice alive. There are also glue mousetraps, which are traps with bait inside a circle of glue - animals stick to it and die. And in the 2000s, a crocodile mousetrap with sharp teeth was introduced in China, which quickly killed rodents and were protected from false alarms. Well, do not forget about the electric mousetraps that shock mice with an electric shock. But spring traps are still the most popular because they are easy to use, cost a penny and are just as effective as other types of mousetraps.

There are many types of mousetraps, but spring traps are the most popular and unchanged.

Barbed wire

Today, barbed wire is actively usedfor the protection of military facilities and other important areas. But originally the spiked metal wire was designed to prevent cattle from escaping from farms. The cow owners could not afford to build wooden fences several kilometers long because it was very expensive. The problem was solved in 1872when American farmer Henry Rose createda wire fence to which spiked boards are attached. Subsequently, the boards were removed and the wire was simply twisted in such a way that barbed protrusions remained on its surface.

Barbed wire fences are cheaper than wooden fences and even more metal ones

Barbed wire went on sale around1880. It was inexpensive, so many farmers bought it. Thanks to this simple invention, people in many countries were finally able to afford to buy livestock, because the problem of building fences was solved. It is believed that the invention of barbed wire played a large role in the development of animal husbandry throughout the world. Today there are barbed wires with electricity conducted through it, but outwardly this invention has not changed either.

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Rocking chair

Who and when made the first in the worldrocking chair, unknown. Residents of the United States believe that the soothing furniture was invented by the politician Benjamin Franklin. Only now he was born in 1785, while the first mention of the so-called "rocking-chair" dates from 1766... The first rocking chairs went on sale in 1860year - Austrian furniture maker Michael Tonet became the seller. Such furniture was in great demand because it looked beautiful and was very comfortable. People with back pain were especially pleased with this invention, because the chair adjusts the center of gravity to the person sitting on it. Consequently, it is very easy to take a comfortable body position on the rocking chair.

Rocking chairs are recommended for people with back pain

Since its inception, rocking chairs have nothave changed. Again, if you go to any online stores, you can probably find chairs with a massager or other functions. But most of these chairs still consist of a seat and backrest, as well as rounded legs on the sides. Until now, furniture manufacturers have not been able to add anything new to them. But don't, because rocking chairs look aesthetically pleasing and very comfortable anyway. Yes, and they are not so expensive today - you can find a model costing from 5,000 rubles.

Benjamin Franklin hardly invented the rocking chair. but Franklin did have a patent for it

LEGO construction set

An ingenious idea to create artificial bricks,which can be connected to each other to assemble various objects, Ole Kirk Christiansen came up with the raft. The LEGO company was founded in 1932 and consisted of only 7 people. Their task was to develop a toy that develops the creativity of children. Having created the parts that are connected to each other, the company started selling them in 1947... Initially, few people wanted to buy toys frompotentially hazardous plastic. Parents believed that toys should be exclusively wooden or metal. The LEGO company originally produced toys from wood, but over time, they still managed to prove that the plastic they used was harmless.

In fact, the plastic used to make LEGO parts was really dangerous. But over time, it was replaced by a harmless analogue

Today, under the LEGO brand there are enoughexpensive constructors, from the parts of which you can assemble toy houses, vehicles and even electronic robots. But the appearance of the parts has not changed. If you take a LEGO piece from 1958, it will pair seamlessly with modern pieces. It's amazing how the specific shape of the children's designer parts could make the company so famous. There are probably very few children in the world who have never heard of LEGO bricks.

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Fly swatter

In the summer heat, you can't do without a fly swatter, becausethat dozens of insects fly into apartments and houses. This tool for slapping insects has been known to people for a very long time. But the patent for the so-called "Fly Exterminator" in 1900 year received by a certain Robert Montgomery. Thanks to this invention, the spread of insect-borne diseases has been slowed down in many countries. Some peoples consider the fly swatter to be a very important item. The heads of some African states still use the fly swatter as a symbol of power.

In general, all fly swatter vaguely resemble a tennis racket. The photo shows an electric fly swatter that shocks insects with an electric shock.

Fly swatter come in different types. We're used to the fact that they are made of plastic or rubber, but in some countries, animal tails and other strange devices attached to the handles are used to eliminate flies. But the essence is the same - all flies have a handle and a part with which you can swat any insect. And this simple device can be found in almost any apartment.

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