5G climbed Everest

Huawei despite problems withthe US government is accelerating the development of 5G technology, and announced the installation of equipment for fifth-generation networks on Everest. From now on, 5G equipment works on the highest mountain in the world and allows climbers to use the fastest mobile technology of our time.

Fifth generation network deployment work onHuawei conducted Everest in partnership with China Mobile, a mobile operator. Currently, base stations of 5G networks are installed at heights of 5300, 5800 and 6500 meters and allow receiving a signal at the top of the mountain.

Permanent communication, available at the top,will allow you to use the HoloSens CCTV system, also created by Huawei engineers. As a result, it will be possible to obtain high-quality video with its further optimization.

Using 5G networks on Everest will help bothclimbers and scientists in the study of the massif, including for more accurate measurement of the parameters of the highest mountains of the Earth. The stations installed at heights of 5800 and 6500 meters will be dismantled over time, and the station at the level of 5300 meters will work to service the base climbing camp.

Source: Huawei