5G base station under the windows of a residential building in Moscow. Residents fight


Recently I ran into a neighbor in the yard, he complained that the quality of mobile communication has changed,

communication got worse.He wrote several applications to his operator, briefly their content can be conveyed as follows: before everything was fine, now it has become noticeably worse. He carefully asked what exactly had changed, whether he began to use the Internet in some other way, or whether the problems were related to voice calls. It turned out unpleasant, voice calls are still back and forth, but it is the quality of the Internet that worries. Since the summer, a neighbor has connected all his devices at home to the mobile Internet - a smart TV for movies, Internet for a computer, and so on. Home Wi-Fi died for a long time, as there was a failure in the summer and the Internet did not work for a couple of days. The emotional rejection of predatory home Wi-Fi was described something like this: “You see, they charge 500 rubles a month, and when it doesn’t work, they don’t itch at all. I refused to go to hell, for 500 rubles my mobile Internet is faster, only now it has deteriorated, until this moment everything worked.

The neighbor has some old tariff plan, heincludes unlimited internet. Thanks to Android for the detailed traffic statistics, it turned out that in September, about 68 GB were downloaded on Wi-Fi, and about 22 GB on mobile Internet. In December, the picture changed dramatically, 124 GB of mobile traffic and about 10 GB of Wi-Fi. Using exclusively mobile Internet, the neighbor saw a “deterioration” in the quality of the service. Was it in reality or its devices began to compete for the channel distributed from the smartphone, it is not clear, I did not delve into this issue. But I read the house chat, in which he collected statistics from those living in the house, how the quality of communication changed, who paid attention to what. They immediately summed up the catastrophic situation by saying that it is necessary to “beat the operators”, because otherwise they will not provide high-quality communication services, the mobile Internet will remain half-dead. Calling the average 100 Mbps that all cellular operators give out indoors does not turn out to be “half-dead”, but the fact is that many are trying to hang various home devices on the mobile Internet. Create a replacement for regular Wi-Fi from it.

I spoke with one of the house operators, theycomplain that people in their hearts turn off, use the mobile Internet, but after a while they come back. The trend is not yet prevailing, but noticeable.

And then I enjoyed the house chat, in whichthere was a discussion of the fifth generation base station, which the attackers tried to stick under the windows. It all started with a simple message: “A pole is being dug near our house, a concrete support has already been made. The husband believes that this pole will be intended for cellular communications.

  • I think so. And it will shine in the eye.
  • Whoever is nearby, go and check the documents.They do not have the right to put on the adjacent territory. We need to check the documents, call the police. We repulsed four attempts to install a cell phone pole. Four!
  • A pole for a lighting mast, but there is no pole yet.
  • They have such a trick, to make a new foundation and put a new tower, supposedly under the light - dual-use.
  • Neighbors! Come, please, set up a cell tower, they have no right. We must call the police. Documents are not and cannot be. This is a residential area.

Further, the worried tenants went out to the workers,began to demand documents. The foreman did not have any documents, he advised calling the police. The tenants did not allow concrete to be poured, they were pushed away, and as a result, concrete was poured under the support. Later, the head of the council arrived, reassured the residents and promised to look into the situation. In the chat, by this moment, everything had gone haywire: “Write letters, by morning the authorities should receive a hundred pieces. One hundred separate letters on the subject."


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Experts appeared in the chat, who arguedabout what exactly they put: “No one will install an ordinary repeater here, most likely, but the requirements for high-frequency 5G should be completely different.” In the context of the discussion of sanitary standards and the distance to a residential building, it was interesting to read about the 5G repeater. A little later, a woman appeared whose food in the refrigerator began to spoil more often after installing another cell tower.

Any chat that brings together very different people isan abyss that is not always worth looking into. I was interested, and I carefully read about the antenna-mast structure and how the residents fight with it. Suddenly, a message appeared in the chat about a single biometric system, as well as Anton Gorelkin, they called him notably - a biometrolobbyist!

The post discussion is a little quiet, no workdid not behave. Residents put forward proposals: "We need to cut the pipes, fill them with pebbles or something like that, and also write letters to the services." Unfortunately, it snowed that day, and the entire chat was filled with calls to complain about the snow removal, lamenting the lack of janitors and equipment. In a word, the intensity of the struggle around the mast decreased, a more pressing problem arose.

Mounting structure under the support is 25 meters awayfrom the house, this is really a local area. The organization that tried to establish support on the sly does not have permits for it, which characterizes the situation as a whole quite well. Usually, at first they try to establish something, and if the residents are not indignant, then they draw up such supports. In practice, this is exactly how it works. The second scheme of work is to deliver, give time for passions to subside, and then register the design, often the documents contain completely different dates than those on which the installation itself took place. Business looks spontaneous, but officials turn a blind eye to this, the main thing for them is that residents do not write endless complaints, and this style of communication has already been fully mastered by many, and appeals are pouring in. I have mixed impressions of such tactics - on the one hand, after countless appeals, at least something begins to happen, on the other hand, many egregious cases go unheeded. And what's the point of the fact that the appeals are recorded?

On the example of a design for lighting and basicstation it can be argued that most people do not understand what exactly they put, how it works and what are the minuses / pluses of such an installation. There is a clear perception that it is harmful and unnecessary. A paradoxical situation arises - people want high-quality communications, higher speeds, but at the same time they do not want to see any base stations around. Because it's harmful!

Something similar in terms of the charge of paradoxes can be seenin opposition to the construction of the subway - caves under the houses, everything will collapse into the abyss, immediately ban! At the same time, a rather small minority is noticeable, which very loudly opposes it. I think that a variety of opinions is necessary and correct, but apart from emotions, I want to hear real justifications for something. Not just read about the harm of base stations, but see an explanation of why this is so and where it is better to install them, according to the speakers. In the meantime, it looks like a game of "pass the trouble to another." Let's set up a base station near a neighboring house, they are not very active in fighting for their rights, so they will eat such an installation. Everyone solves their local problems and nothing more.

After the New Year, I spoke with a neighbor,I asked him what happened to the Internet. He returned to the home Internet, now he uses not only mobile. He is indignant at the installation of a base for a 5G base station, says that “this is all to follow us, it’s enough that they photograph our faces every day at the entrances.” An adult with a higher education, who does not give the impression of being uneducated, but propaganda has penetrated into him, which corrodes him and creates images like this. There is no rationality here at all, only fears and fears based on nothing but emotions.

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