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5 unusual gift ideas for March 8

Men most often leave a gift choice onthe last moment, so they will spend these two or three days in a frantic search for some trinket on March 8th. However, a gift for the sake of a gift is hardly worth making - it is better to present something really useful to your colleague, friend or beloved woman. We suggest you not to be commonplace and donate not perfume or bracelet, but something interesting and unusual. To do this, we have compiled a small selection so that you save time and nerves in this difficult task.

There really is something to choose from - and our selection will help determine


  • 1 Give her more space
  • 2 Take care of your health
  • 3 Save the main memories
  • 4 Advanced Toothbrush
  • 5 A screwdriver that she wants to use

Give her more space

The girl is unlikely to admit this, but almosteveryone would like to have more free space at their disposal than there is in a tiny bag. And here a backpack comes to the rescue - but not just the usual stylish urban option, but one that cannot be discreetly opened and cut. The manufacturer XD Design has such models, like the Bobby Elle model. This is a special compact version of the famous backpack, which was developed for girls.

Compact city backpack for the girl

There is a soft compartment for a tablet with a diagonalscreen up to 9.7 inches (yes, right below the iPad), bottle holder, shockproof organizer panel and secret pocket on the back. Oh yes, another 7 colors to choose from.

Take care of your health

But all kinds of Xiaomi Mi Band and other trackersleave for a man’s hand. For women, there are special Bellabeat health trackers - a gender predisposition is evidenced by the appearance of accessories that are more reminiscent of jewelry than devices to track activity and health. You can call them stylish accessories for maintaining health.

Not so much a fitness bracelet as a personal accessory

Trackers track quantity informationthe steps taken during the day, the cycle, the quality of sleep, sessions of activity and rest, and also draws a conclusion about the level of stress based on the information received. And, of course, they transmit all the information to the mobile application.

Save the main memories

Your girlfriend or wife must have thousandsphotos in a smartphone that she never watches. True, we store gigabytes of images in gadgets and clouds, but it is much more pleasant to see pictures with family and friends decorating the wall in the apartment or workplace in the office. And so that you can not only see, but also feel the photos, you need a good printer - an HP Smart Tank MFP will be an excellent gift and an assistant in printing bright and high-quality photos.

HP Smart Tank MFP

Its feature is that color inkSpecially designed to create vivid high quality images, due to which the photos do not fade over time. The device comes with a starting set of ink for 18 thousand black and white or 8 thousand color pictures, which is enough for 3 years in advance! Cartridges in the HP Smart Tank, by the way, do not exist at all - the ink is contained in special containers.

Advanced toothbrush

Silicone bristles help remove gum bleeding

Not just electric - that would be too muchboring. It is better to look at something like Foreo brushes, for example, ISSA mini 2. It has silicone bristles, due to which it will provide a soft but effective removal of plaque, tartar and food debris, while maintaining the health of gums and enamel. Such a brush is much safer than usual - therefore, the manufacturer recommends using it even for children aged 5 years. Since many girls monitor oral hygiene and clean teeth, few will refuse such a gift.

By the way, the brush itself will motivate you to brush your teeth every 12 hours (if you don’t brush your teeth, it will show a sad smiley, if you brush it, it will be a funny smiley).

A screwdriver that she wants to use

Who said tools are only for men? BOSCH IXO 6 changes the concept of a traditional screwdriver. It is not limited only to its main purpose - it is a universal device that will become an assistant in the house. Thanks to the Vino nozzle, the tool can uncork bottles of wine, and if a barbecue is planned, then with Spice and BBQ nozzles you can grind spices and light the coals in the grill. Such a gadget will facilitate any work and help you enjoy it.

Really stylish screwdriver

By the way, the BOSCH IXO 6 also has a function for adjusting the speed by pressing force, and LED backlight, and wireless charging. And in pink - what a girl needs.

You need to give only the most to your beloved peoplethe best, so the best choice will be to give what they will enjoy with pleasure for many years. Well, you shouldn’t forget about the flowers, at least a few tulips.