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5 unusual gadgets as a gift for February 23

Ahead of February 23 - women rush around againshops in search of a gift, and men puzzle over how to congratulate each other. Here we overheard the conversations of employees in our editorial office (not good, but what to do) and based on what they heard, we made a list of gifts that the authors of would like to receive for the upcoming holiday. And since there are geeks, people of science, and just lovers of unusual gadgets among them, the selection turned out to be very interesting and motley.

A selection of gifts for February 23


  • 1 Fit anything
  • 2 And a screwdriver, and a corkscrew
  • 3 Smart scales
  • 4 A printer without a cartridge - how is it?
  • 5 Cryptocurrency wallet

Fit anything

No wonder first on the listit turned out to be a backpack - but not any, but a good one and with different anti-hacking chips, such as Pacsafe Instasafe X. This is the best model for students, office workers and travelers - both due to size and due to its protective characteristics.

This backpack can be used as a regular bag.

It easily accommodates a laptop with a screen of up to 15 inches,a couple of books, notes, documents and more. And with all this, it can be transported like hand luggage in an airplane! There are also enough protective functions: from special zippers to steel mesh in fabric and protective buckles. And the external pocket is made of fabric, which blocks the reading of information from media with an RFID chip. Also, the backpack has an ergonomic backrest with foam inserts. Not a backpack, but a dream simply.

And a screwdriver and a corkscrew

We first heard about this unusual gadget inlate last year from one of the authors, who just got such a thing. In appearance, this is an ordinary screwdriver, but its purpose is not only to tighten the screws. Among the features of BOSCH IXO 6 - the opening of wine, grinding spices, even fanning coals in the barbecue is possible. For each destination, a specific nozzle is responsible.

The girl will not refuse such a corkscrew, and even a man, even more so

We were skeptical at first about the ideacombine all in one, but the main function of the screwdriver was also not affected: here, and the function of adjusting the speed by pressing force, and LED backlight, and wireless charging. In green - just a must have for any man.

Smart scales

Without health products, the wish list is also notcost. One of the most interesting accessories is smart scales, which are released by several manufacturers at once. Xiaomi has such, but many in the editorial office prefer the scales of the Picooc brand, which only specializes in them.

These scales read 12 health indicators.

This is a rectangular scale, due to whichthey can be placed anywhere. An imperceptible discharge of current “circulates” the body and “reads” you like an open book. And your progress can be tracked in a mobile application. During each measurement, 12 indicators are read: the total percentage of fat tissue, the amount of protein, water, bone mass, muscle, weight (of course), and much more.

A printer without a cartridge - how is it?

Among us are those who follow the latesttechnological advances and knows how to save with their help. For example, the world's first laser printer without a cartridge with a continuous toner supply system - HP Neverstop Laser - a unique device that will be extremely useful for those who are engaged in freelance or business and print a lot.

HP Neverstop Laser 1000a

The main feature of the cartridgeless system isthe ability to refill the toner directly into the printer. The starter kit already includes a toner reserve of 5000 pages, and you can add another 2500 pages to them in just 15 seconds and 790 rubles. Compared to a conventional laser printer, investments in HP Neverstop Laser will pay off in just 2 and a half months, provided that 1000 sheets are printed per month. In addition, this printer has many “smart” functions, including printing from a smartphone through the HP Smart App. There you can make a scan and create a copy of the files, so turning on the computer is generally not necessary.

HP Neverstop Laser 1200a All-in-One Printer

Cryptocurrency wallet

It would be strange if no one calleda device associated with a crypto, because on our site relevant publications are constantly being published. One of the favorites was the hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies Ledger Nano S: it allows you to store cryptocurrency for moving funds and never transfers them to a computer, which means that even if malware gets on it, bitcoins (and any other coins) will remain in security.

The device looks like a regular flash drive, but onin fact, it is a protected gadget that protects all cryptocurrency savings. Plus there is a Ledger Live application that makes it easy to install or remove cryptocurrency applications on your Ledger wallet.

There is a wallet for little things, and there is for a crypt

As you can see, there are a lot of gift ideas -for every taste and budget. And this is not commonplace socks or shaving foam, but cool gadgets for geeks and not only. It all depends on what exactly the man is fond of, but in any case he is unlikely to refuse a multifunctional screwdriver.