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5 places on Earth where you won't be allowed for any money

Earth's surface area is 510 millionsquare kilometers and there are many interesting places on it. Before the coronavirus pandemic, anyone could take and travel to another country to visit museums and even ancient caves with drawings of primitive people. But there are also places on our planet where aliens will not be allowed even in a safe time. And everyone will absolutely not care if you offer tens of millions of dollars - the way to these places is still closed. Some of these places are dangerous to health, because there you can pick up terrible diseases. There is also a place that is completely safe, but very influential people rest on this territory and conduct strange rituals. As part of this article, I invite you to find out about the most secret points of our planet, where access is completely closed for most people.

There are places on Earth where few are allowed. The reasons are different everywhere


  • 1 Morgan Island with sick monkeys
  • 2 Lasko cave with ancient drawings
  • 3 Keimada Grande Snake Island
  • 4 Sentinel Island with Aborigines
  • 5 Bohemian grove for powerful people

Morgan Island with sick monkeys

In the American state of South Carolinathere is Morgan Island, which has never been inhabited by humans. Previously, this place was considered bad because there are no comfortable living conditions and it is too far from the big continents. But today it is impossible to get to this island, even if you really want to. The fact is that about 5 thousand macaques live on its territory, which are polls infected with herpes. This is the name of a viral disease in which bubbles appear on the skin and mucous membranes of the body. At the same time, they itch and cause painful sensations. The disease is highly contagious and there is no effective cure for it.

All monkeys on Morgan Island are infected with herpes

Herpes-affected monkeys appeared inPuerto Rico. They were kept at the Caribbean Primate Research Center and escaped one day. They began to multiply and infect local residents, so the authorities decided to capture them all and send them to some remote island. The choice fell on Morgan Island, where no one ever wanted to live. Only employees of medical centers are allowed to visit this place for research. And for ordinary people the path is closed, but hardly anyone wants to be there.

Lascaux cave with ancient drawings

At the beginning of the article, I mentioned that, if desired, peoplecan go to ancient caves and look at the drawings made by primitive people. There are indeed caves open to the general public, but the most interesting of them is closed. We are talking about the Lascaux cave, which is located in France. It is on its stone walls that bulls and other animals are depicted. It is believed that the drawing was made about 15-18 thousand years ago. The funny thing is that the cave was opened only in 1940, and the discovery was made by ordinary teenagers. They told their teacher about the cave, and he told the scientists.

Drawings on the walls of the Lascaux cave

In 1948, the cave was opened to tourists.There were many who wanted to see the ancient art, so a staircase was built into the so-called "hall of bulls". Also, artificial lighting appeared in the cave so that all the drawings were clearly visible. Since there were a lot of people and they exhaled carbon dioxide, over time, the drawings began to erode. Much work was done to restore the drawings and, in order not to endanger them, in 1963 the cave was closed to everyone.

If you ever want to look atrock paintings live, you can go to the Gobustan reserve (Azerbaijan). There you can see more than 6,000 ancient drawings, which are 25 thousand years old.

Keimada Grande Snake Island

Regular readers of our site already for sureknow about the island of Keimada Grande. I talked about him in the material about the most dangerous islands on Earth and he got on this list for a reason. The island is located 35 kilometers from the coast of Brazil and only one animal lives on its territory - the snakes of the island botrops (Bothrops insularis). Their bites cause rapid tissue necrosis and other destruction in the body, due to which death occurs in 7% of cases. In the vicinity of the island, some people are engaged in diving and fishing, but it is strictly forbidden to step into the snake territory.

Inhabitants of Sentinel Island

My colleague Lyubov Sokovikova also wrote about the people of Sintinel in an article about 100 isolated peoples of the world. I recommend reading!

Bohemian grove for powerful people

The Californian city of Monte Rio has a privatean area of ​​11 square meters, where only the elite are allowed. Since 1899, every July, the most influential people in the world come to this place. Musicians, artists and even US presidents are invited there. Most of the buildings in Bohemian Grove are intended for theatrical performances. But there is also evidence that sacrifices are made in this area near the 12-meter statue of the Owl.

Visitors to the Bohemian Grove and the 12-meter owl

But how do people know such details, ifis the way to the Bohemian Grove closed? The fact is that in 2000, American conspiracy theorist Alex Jones (Alex Jones) found himself in a grove and installed hidden cameras to film the sacrifice. He assured that visitors to this place perform satanic rites, but his companion did not support his words.

The same video from Bohemian Grove, but its authenticity has not been confirmed.

If you were interested, I also advise you to read aboutthe most radioactive places on our planet. It would be logical if the entrance to these places was also closed. But no, some of the places mentioned in the article are inhabited by people.