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5 of the strangest diets that can kill

According to statistics, in Russia and the USA fromObesity affects about 20% of the population. There are even more people who are simply overweight, and many really want to quickly and effortlessly get rid of the stomach, hanging sides and other accumulations of fat. Of course, the most effective way to lose weight is to switch to proper nutrition and exercise on a regular basis. But for those who want to get a quick result, it is easier to switch to a strict diet, that is, limit the use of most foods. Diets for weight loss are different, and some of them look very strange and even deserve the title "extreme". Some of them are deadly for the human body - they will be discussed now.

There are terrible diets that can lead to death.



  • 1 Vinegar diet
  • 2 Parasitic diet
  • 3 Cotton diet
  • 4 Urinodiet
  • 5 Paleo diet

Vinegar diet

Let's start with popular among those who are not afraidexperiments of women on the vinegar diet, which is also known as the "Cleopatra diet". It allows you to quickly lose weight without severe dietary restrictions. All you need is to drink apple cider vinegar diluted with water before breakfast. After entering the body, the acid acts on a person in such a way that he ceases to want to eat. Of course, without eating food, a person quickly loses extra pounds. But is it worth risking your health to lose some weight?

Apple Cider Vinegar Helps Decrease Appetite, But The Payback Is Too Violent

Since apple cider vinegar suppresses appetite,the person begins to skip meals. As a result, he develops heartburn, problems with the intestines and, in general, his stomach hurts. Due to the increase in acidity in the stomach, women can exacerbate diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The risk of more serious complications cannot be ruled out.

Vinegar diet can lead to blindness

In some cases, people who want to lose weightcross the line and instead of apple cider vinegar with water, they use a little ordinary table vinegar. Needless to say, in doing so, they almost drive themselves into a coffin? At a minimum, acetic acid has a bad effect on the optic nerve, which can result in complete blindness.

Parasitic Diet

Here is another example of an inadequate pursuit ofbeautiful figure. Instead of stopping eating junk food and going to the gym, some people deliberately let parasites into their bodies. For example, people voluntarily infect themselves with a bull tapeworm, whose body length can reach 10 meters. On his head is a round sucker, with which he is attached to the intestines and takes some of the nutrients. Of course, when infected with parasitic worms, a person loses weight. The result is achieved, but at the same time, the parasites destroy the internal organs and it is quite difficult to remove them from the body.

Bull tapeworm

We have an article on how to find out about a parasitic worm infestation. Here is the instruction.

cotton diet

Remember actor Eddie Murphy, who played the leadrole in the films "Dr. Dolittle" and "The Nutty Professor"? He has a daughter, Bria Murphy, who lost weight and became a model thanks to the cotton diet. The bottom line is that a person simply fills his stomach with cotton balls soaked in orange juice or lemonade and does not feel hungry - his stomach is full, which causes a feeling of satiety. As you might have guessed, this is very bad for health. The main problem is that cotton balls are not made from pure cotton, but polyester fibers with a lot of chemicals. According to diet expert Brandy Kosky, it's almost like dipping a T-shirt in juice and eating it.

Filling the stomach with cotton balls is not wildness?


Possibly the worst diet of all.listed in this article after parasitic. Followers of this diet drink before eating the entire amount of urine that was obtained shortly before the start of the meal. It is forbidden to drink other liquids, and it is recommended to eat only cereals, bread, some vegetables and meat from food. It is believed that in a month of such a diet, you can lose up to 15 kilograms.

Urinodiet seems like someone's terrible joke

This diet seems to be someone's very cruel joke, onbought by overly suggestible people. Urine is excreted from the body for a reason - all unnecessary and even hazardous substances are removed with it. If you use it again, the body is literally poisoned and loses vitality. Things can go as far as sepsis - a condition in which the body's response to dangerous substances is disturbed and causes changes that can disrupt the functioning of internal organs.

Do you know what the fruitarian diet is? It is also detrimental to the body!

Paleo diet

Adherents of this diet are sure that people startedgrow fat due to the development of agriculture. Our distant ancestors, in their opinion, were slender and strong only thanks to a special diet of meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries. Supporters of this diet flatly refuse cereal products, and thereby deprive themselves of a huge amount of nutrients. Among them, it is worth noting B vitamins, iron, fiber, and so on. In general, the lack of vital substances is guaranteed. In addition to this, adherents of the Paleolithic diet eat a lot of meat, which can provoke the development of heart disease.

Ancient people were not strong because they did not eat flour products

At the same time, the fact that ancient people were ingood physical shape due to an active lifestyle is often simply ignored. You can read more about what our distant ancestors ate hundreds of years ago here.

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Well, which of the diets mentioned above do you think is the craziest? Maybe you know something else like that? Write in the comments, it will be interesting to read.