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5 of the smartest animals on Earth

At the moment, a person is considered the smartestcreature on Earth. In the course of evolution, we learned to use fire, invented the wheel, and today we are already trying to conquer space. But animals are also far from the stupidest creatures and sometimes impress scientists with their ability to solve math problems, communicate with each other, learn words, and so on. In the course of some experiments, parrots were even able to pick locks, which ordinary people without special skills cannot do at all. And crows, in turn, have proven that they have an intelligence at the level of 5-year-old children. As part of this article, I invite you to find out what mental abilities some species of animals have and during what experiments scientists learned about it.

Some animals surprise with their mental abilities, and now we will see this


  • 1 The smartest animals in the world
    • 1.1 Ravens
    • 1.2 Dogs
    • 1.3 Parrots
    • 1.4 Octopus
    • 1.5 Elephants

The smartest animals in the world

So that the article is not trivial, I will notinclude chimpanzee monkeys in the rating of smart animals. Scientists have long been convinced of their developed intelligence and this is a well-known fact. At the genetic level, chimpanzees have 90% similarity to humans, so some scientists have even suggested attributing them to the genus of humans. Due to the structural features of the speech apparatus, monkeys cannot speak, but they can communicate with each other using sign language. For the first time, scientists taught chimpanzees to communicate using gestures in 1967, and several years later, dozens of individuals were taught this skill. In addition, chimpanzees actively use tools, which also indicates a developed intelligence.

Chimpanzees are smart, but it's too corny to talk about it


During one of the scientific experiments, scientistsfound that crows are as good at solving logic problems as 5-year-olds. During the experiment, the birds were shown several containers with water, at the bottom of which food lay. At first, the crows could not reach the delicacy, but then they figured out that for this you need to throw heavy objects into the vessels so that the delicacy rises up along with the water level. In some cases, they even tried to make something like a hook for getting food out of the wire. Based on the results of this experiment, scientists came to the conclusion that in terms of solving logical problems, crows are at the level of 5-year-old children.

Science promoter Neil deGrasse Tyson and Chaser


In addition to crows, they have good intelligence.and parrots. In one of the experiments, cockatoo parrots had to get food from a box. To do this, it was necessary to open a lock, consisting of various bolts, wheels and latches. It took one of the birds about two hours to solve the problem, but she coped with it. Other birds watched her actions, so they were able to open the lock much faster. The experiment proved that parrots can set and achieve goals.

Octopuses may even be smarter than us, but we don't understand this yet.

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They can also boast of developed intelligenceelephants. Their most amazing ability is teamwork. During long travels, they join groups and communicate with each other using sounds with a certain frequency. And at the sight of danger, they trample circles around their cubs, thereby protecting them from predators. Also, you probably know that some elephants can draw. If you don't believe me, watch the video below and see for yourself.

In fact, YouTube is full of videos of drawing elephants.

It is important to note that these are not all smartanimals that live on our planet. And round dances are able to drive not only elephants, but also turkeys. Only they do not walk around the cubs, but surround the dead animals. Follow this link and find out why they do it.