5 news for Monday

Let's start with the news, which doesn't really pull on the news. The Korean edition of The Elec found out that Apple has started

development of screens without polarizing film.

Polarizers are used to transmit lightonly in certain directions, thereby improving the visibility of the display. Of the minuses - a decrease in brightness, which, in turn, is corrected by an increase in power, which, in turn, increases energy consumption and reduces the life cycle of the panel.

The elimination of the polarizer also makes the screen thinner and more foldable. Samsung also ditched the polarizing layer on the Fold 3.

In short, not this year or next year,but in 2024 we are waiting for something with a flexible screen from Apple. There is a high probability that it will not be an iPhone, but an iPad. A flexible screen will make the best of tablets even better and redefine this category of devices.

Table of Contents

  • Ton Punks on Telegram's TON blockchain
  • Sony WH-1000XM5
  • The wireless headphone market
  • Nobody needs 5G in South Korea
  • Growth in sales of used smartphones

Ton Punks on Telegram's TON blockchain

At the end of April, I made a material that the NFT market is a bubble and the first investors in fabulously expensive NFTs began to face the fact that they could not sell them even for the same price. Here is the text:

How to Lose Money Buying NFTs

NFT is the latest reincarnation of the golden calf. Rich on cryptocurrencies, and just wealthy investors invest in ...

Google News reported that the WSJ also released a materialon the same subject. And this means that maximum attention is paid to the topic and now events will develop more energetically. By this, I mean that more and more NFT investors will put their digital treasures up for sale and realize that no one needs them.

In principle, depreciation must occur.There is an important figure in the WSJ article that I didn't know. It turns out that there are more than 9 million NFTs issued in the world, which account for less than 2 million buyers. The figure, of course, is mind-boggling. If you look, 1.3 billion people live in developed countries (namely, residents of such countries in the majority can afford NFTs). Even if we conditionally take 10% as those who are engaged in investments, then 2 million NFT investors from 130 million are still very few.


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Of course, we are at the very beginning of developmenttechnology, and NFT can still shoot. However, such a small number of investors shows that people have not understood the value of the product. Accordingly, in order to take off, the NFT concept must find new applications.

The fact that the NFT market is a bubble that is about to burst is evidenced by at least the fact that everyone rushed to make and sell NFTs.

For example, the other day I saw the TON Punks project on the TON blockchain, which was developed by the Telegram team.

As you guessed, TON Punks are exploiting the ideacryptopunks who blew up the "ether" blockchain. These are 9999 AI-generated badly rendered pixelated pictures of punk heads and placed on a specific blockchain. This mess looks like this:

660 TON is 1,000 dollars.

Tonpankists have created a website and a telegram channel. The site has a project team that looks like they understand that they can be prosecuted for fraud and do not need to shine.

I really liked how they tried to explain the project and its value in the telegram channel.

In short, the value of TON Punks is explained by the fact that:

  1. On other blockchains, the price of cryptopunks has risen, so why shouldn’t it rise here as well? (Iron logic, which is hard to argue with!)
  2. International investors will buy those collections that they know and understand. And everyone knows and understands cryptopunks.
  3. The team has the money to do without pre-sales.

The third point is, of course, enchanting.It means that the team has money to generate punks and a commission to place pictures on the marketplace. For understanding, the price of placement on the selected platform is 0.2 TON (as indicated in the official telegram channel of the platform), or 20 rubles per picture. So far, the team has placed 2,500 punks, spending a mind-boggling 50,000 rubles. The solidity of the project is respected.

The project team promises that they will create a certain game, the participants of which will be able to earn NFTs. The game will be based on the Telegram messenger and will use bots.

Well, let's see....

Sony WH-1000XM5

Sony has unveiled a new version of the best active noise canceling headphones.

I constantly use the fourth generation andI think this is one of the best purchases ever. Most of the time I don’t even turn on the music, but just “mute” the surrounding noise. I put on my headphones, and the rumble of the city from the open window disappeared, I couldn’t hear my neighbor with a perforator and the screams of children from a neighboring apartment. Pleasant enveloping silence allows me to concentrate on work both at home and when I work somewhere in the city.

In the photo Sony WH-1000XM5 (right) and Sony WH-1000XM4 (left - I have just the same, only blue)

The 5th generation of headphones turned out to be somewhat ambiguous.

First, everyone praises the sound. Describing it as even more precise, resilient, and so on.

Secondly, they admire the noise reduction. Like, it got even better. Better filters not only low monotonous noises, but voices and high frequencies too.

Thirdly, now the headphones have as many as 8 microphones. And, as they say, the quality of speech transmission has increased when working as a headset. But the sound is still average (from those reviews that I saw on YouTube).

Fourthly, they praise the softness of the ear pads and overall comfort. Can be worn all day without taking off.

Now let's talk about the disadvantages.

Some people complain that the headphones do not have any new features compared to the previous generation.

But, perhaps, the main nitpick to the design:The headphones got bigger and stopped folding. I can’t even imagine what inspired Sony engineers and designers when they developed a new model. It would be one thing if the Sony WH-1000XM5 were marketed as “ears for home listening. And it's all about travel. To be honest, I would like the previous generation to be a little smaller, otherwise you put a laptop, a case with headphones, and there is no place in a backpack.

For some reason I thought when I saw the first photos thatheadphones have become flatter and smaller. And it turned out the opposite. And in general, the design of the previous generation seems to be a little more interesting, what do you think?

In the case of the Sony WH-1000XM series, you can chooseany headphones without worrying that you are taking the third or fourth generation. There is still no cardinal difference either in sound quality or in noise reduction. You can choose based solely on aesthetic preferences.

There is hope that the headphones are both simple and runningthe goods will quickly arrive on our market in a "gray" version. And if the exchange rate remains at 60 rubles per dollar, then $400 will be a very attractive price.


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The wireless headphone market

Two interesting graphs from Counterpoint Research.On the first one, the research company shows the market shares of completely wireless headphones by brand in dynamics 2020 to 2021 (the first column is 2020, the second column is 2021).

First, Samsung increased its share.But Apple sank quite notably, although it still occupies 75% of headphones with a price of $ 200. The growth of the boat brand is interesting. In Russia, he is unknown, as he decided to choose North America, India and Europe as the main trading platforms. It's nice that JBL and Skullcandy have grown up. About the latter, we somehow published promotional material. I still carry the brand's tiny headphones in my gym bag. Perhaps we can say that these are the longest playing sports ears I have ever had. The rest can't stand it.

And here is the second chart with a breakdown by prices.First, it is surprising that the segment has dropped to $50. The $100-150 segment also slightly decreased, but the $50-100 segment grew. In principle, I absolutely agree, since this is the price for which you can easily buy very high-quality ears that will delight. And, apparently, people think the same way, since the headphone segments have decreased to $ 200.

But, interestingly, the segment over $200 has grown, and not at the expense of Apple. And what non-Apple headphones more expensive than $200 are you ready to buy?

Nobody needs 5G in South Korea

An interesting note came from Reuters.

In South Korea, since 2019, they began to introduce5th generation networks. Currently, 45% of subscribers use 5G tariffs. The number is impressive. Out of curiosity, I looked at the prices for 5G tariffs. The top tariff costs $100, the most affordable of the adequate ones is $55. That's where the unlimited internet is. In an affordable tariff, the speed is cut after 110 GB. By the way, pay attention to prices in Korea and compare with prices in Russia, while remembering that Russia is much larger than Korea, and equipment in dollars costs the same for everyone. Rejoice for our operators who survive, and even develop networks.

However, after the initial attack, the speed5G adoption has declined, and operators are in no hurry to add base stations in order to “squeeze out” the possible maximum speed. Representatives of the operators say they do not see the need for this. That's when the population starts to have houses of robots, then we will develop the infrastructure. It is curious that 2025 was named as an approximate date. It's funny ... Probably, by 2025 we will dismantle the last robots for parts.

Another point emphasized by representativescarriers that there aren't any applications that require insane 5G speeds. As an example, it is said that the introduction of 4G has stimulated an increase in the need to watch Netflix and YouTube. And with 5G, the population is quite happy with the current possibilities and does not ask for more.

So it's good that we don't have 5G.Look, even the Koreans did not come up with anything worthwhile. In Russia, 5G is needed only in Moscow in densely built-up areas. But the matter is still disastrous, since the population only has 4G smartphones.

Growth in sales of used smartphones

Counterpoint Research has published an interesting infographic for 2021, which clearly shows that life has become harder on the entire planet.

In 2021, sales of used smartphones increased by 15%. More than one issue of "Echo" has already devoted to this topic.

Pay attention to the world map in the picture below.In India and Latin America, the growth was indecent 25% and 29%. In the more prosperous USA, China and Europe - 10%. It is obvious that people do not buy used smartphones from a good life. They are driven by the desire to save money.

It will be interesting to see growth in 2022. Rising prices, shortages, inflation - everything will push people to save as much as possible on everything they can.

By the way, Bloomberg published the news thatSamsung is going to raise the price of components by 20%, so the new iPhone, Xiaomi and any other smartphones that use memory, screens, chipsets produced at the Samsung factory will increase in price.

P.S. Happy Monday everyone and have a great week. Spring has finally arrived!