5 news: Android users are less likely to get into accidents than iPhoneophiles

Table of Contents

  • #1 Passwords are a thing of the past
  • #2 Android Users Drive Better Than iPhoneophiles
  • #3 Flying into space
    stimulate brain diseases. And hibernation is not an option for interstellar flight.
  • #4 Type-C cables supporting 240W charging
  • #5 Apple sold the most computers and tablets
  • Conclusion

#1 Passwords are a thing of the past

FIDO Alliance, stands for Fast IdentityOnline, announced that by the end of this year or at the latest by early 2023, Microsoft, Google and Apple will completely abandon passwords in favor of other methods of user identification: generated pin codes, fingerprint or face scanning.

FIDO say user authenticationpassword only is the biggest security hole on the internet, as many users are too lazy to create unique and complex passwords, using the same password for all services and sites. And two-factor authentication and password managers (meaning that the password manager generates unique complex passwords and remembers them), although they improve the situation, they are still too complicated and dreary.

The final goal is to give sites and Internet servicesa secure “passwordless end-to-end login” system. The standard developed by FIDO is that each user, when registering on the service, is given two unique keys - one public, the other personal, which will be stored on the device. Accordingly, when entering the site, the device, after the appropriate user action - for example, put a finger on the fingerprint sensor or perform face recognition - will confirm the presence of a private key to the site.

This greatly simplifies andregistration. According to FIDO, it will look like a typical site login process: you press the "Register" button, a prompt pops up on your smartphone to confirm your identity by placing a finger or entering a pin code, and that's it! The device and the site themselves will create an encrypted personal code, plus the device will provide all the required data about the user (the user himself will decide what exactly he wants to tell about himself).

The idea is no doubt cool, and it's clear whyMicrosoft, Google and Apple want to play it. Everyone understands that passwords are a thing of the past. Accordingly, the three companies want to continue to stay on the crest of the wave, acting as a kind of intermediaries and controlling user activity. I suppose Microsoft and Google are still looking at Apple, which has qualitatively monopolized access to its users' data and happily monetizes them.

This news amused me even from that pointvision that soon people will not even understand what a password is and why it is needed. Now on the Internet you can find a video of how modern children do not understand how a rotary phone works. The next generation will no longer know what passwords are, having become accustomed to logging in by voice or face.

And fantastic films of the 90s, and even modern times, where the characters are looking for a password from some futuristic data center, will also look ridiculous.


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#2 Android Users Drive Better Than iPhoneophiles

A great illustration for all PR people likecreate interesting news out of the blue. In this case, Jerry, a mobile insurance company, capitalized on a years-old feud between Android and iPhone owners.

If you do not take forced economic reasons,usually people choose brands that they think best reflect their view of the world. So, Android users perceive themselves as free-thinking, freedom-loving and cunning, since a flexible OS allows you to install any applications and customize the interface to your taste. And iOS users are considered paying hamsters, there were even jokes about homosexuality in the past. In turn, iPhone owners see themselves as creative fashionistas who make good money and love a comfortable lifestyle. And Android users (and especially Xiaomi) are perceived as foul-smelling rogues scurrying around the subway and other unpleasant places.

By the way, such stereotypes are not only in Russia.For example, a 2017 study says that users of current iPhone models prefer not to choose those who have Android, as well as those who have an older model iPhone (in principle, it is logical, otherwise you will meet some kind of sharomyga that did not take place in life so much so that I couldn’t even buy a normal phone for myself).

So, the Jerry service analyzed 20,000drivers who have driven a total of 13 million kilometers. It turned out that for each criterion, Android users drive better: they are less likely to be distracted from the road (and where else to look if you have Android?), they are less likely to exceed the speed limit (it is clear that iPhone owners have top-end “wheels”, and Android-philes drive Cossacks), enter turns more efficiently (iPhone owners do not spare rubber, drift from the heart) and slow down better (of course! Android will definitely teach you how to slow down!).

By the way, it's interesting, but the level of education among Android owners is higher than that of iPhone users. And higher in each category.

Jerry themselves do not really know how to interpret the conclusions.But they tend to believe that their mini-study confirms other studies that say that Android owners are more honest and less likely to break the rules. While iPhone users are more emotional, less predictable and more rebellious. Steve Jobs would approve!

#3 Space flights stimulate brain diseases. And hibernation is not an option for interstellar flight.

We rave about flying to other planets, watching how space travelers come out of suspended animation in the movies. And studies hint that the human body is not adapted to space travel.

Researchers from the US compared the MRI of the brains of 15 astronauts before and after space flights.

Using algorithms for a thorough assessmentsizes of perivascular spaces (gaps in brain tissue thought to facilitate the balance of fluids that bathe the brain and presumably remove waste generated by the brain during waking hours), the team found that time spent in orbit has a strong impact on performance brain. Recovery after returning to Earth is slow (more than a year).

If the brain is not properly washed, it increases the risk of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Changes in the brain are especially noticeable in beginners. In experienced astronauts, the process of degradation of the perivascular spaces seems to be stabilizing.

At the same time, scientists emphasize that nowastronauts have only been in space a few times in their entire careers, so there's basically no way to fully explore the situation. But everything can change when space tourism becomes massive.

The solution to this problem can be an artificialgravity, since our body as a whole and the brain separately have adapted to a certain force of gravity and are now quite demanding of its presence.

This is followed by the news that a person is notadapted for hibernation. The fact is that the human body is too large and even in the process of hibernation consumes an excessive amount of energy. And, as scientists have calculated, during hibernation a person will lose 6 grams of fat per day to maintain the body's work (it is impossible to feed a person during hibernation, as the organs will start working). Moreover, even during hibernation, the metabolic rate in humans and large mammals is quite high and in fact does not lead to any significant energy savings.

Among mammals enter the stateonly the smallest animals such as voles or squirrels can hibernate. And the same bear that hibernates for the winter, according to scientists, in fact just sleeps, and does not hibernate like a vole.

Accordingly, the issue of hibernation can be resolved,if some drugs are invented that will slow down the metabolism much more and at the same time reduce the overall energy needs of the body.

#4 Type-C cables supporting 240W charging

Since the moment I metXiaomi 65W Mi 65W Fast Charger GaN Tech adapter, looking forward to the development of charging technology. The Mi 65W Fast Charger GaN Tech has become my go-to charger for everything. With its help, I charge not only phones, but also a laptop. Unfortunately, in order to "rock" the RTX 3070 video card, you still have to connect a standard "brick", but Xiaomi's compact charging saves on the way.

I wish we had already reached that stage,when the laptop can be charged via Type-C without compromise. In the meantime, it looks like I take two charges on trips. One compact for the road, the other stationary for games and other tasks when you need a video card.

For complete happiness, you need a compact GaN chargerat 240 watts, you need a Type-C cable that can handle that much power, and you need a corresponding Type-C port in your laptop. And now, apparently, we are already on the threshold, because a year after the announcement that such a technology is available, the first cables appeared that could “hold” 240 watts.

Unfortunately, the cost, as well as the delivery time, is still unknown. In principle, the manufacturer does not need to rush yet, since there are no adapters or devices with the corresponding ports yet.

I believe that the adapters will not be the case, sinceXiaomi and Oppo have already shown 150W and 200W adapters. They are not mass-produced because there is no need. Now the flagship Xiaomi models have a 120W charger that charges a smartphone in 15-20 minutes. But as soon as there is potential demand, chargers of the required capacity will hit the market.

The main hitch in laptop manufacturers.Currently, the Type-C port only supports 100W in laptops. And manufacturers do not seek to change something, saving and preferring to attach a kilogram-weight power supply to the thinnest and lightest laptop.

However, we are inevitably approaching the moment when a powerful laptop can be charged with a charger that is not much larger than a smartphone in size.


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#5 Apple sold the most computers and tablets

The desire to use cutting-edge components and its own chipsets has allowed Apple to take first place in shipments in the first quarter of 2022.

The company achieved synergy using ARM chipsetsin their laptops, which allowed her to suffer a little less from the shortage of components than all other manufacturers. Of course, what is happening will not go unnoticed. And other manufacturers will think about how to bring their ARM products to the market as soon as possible.

Confuses the amazing silence of Samsung.In fact, Samsung is the only company capable of answering Apple. The Korean chaebol is strong in the production of both smartphones and components, as well as laptops. However, already 1.5 years have passed since the release of the first laptop based on the M1 chipset, which combines the best (high performance of desktop computers and autonomy of mobile devices), and there are still no competitors on the market.


Finally, I would like to share that Nikola-Lenivets is overrated to the extreme!

Closed borders and closed airports have ledto the fact that everyone rushed to the cities of great Russia. At first we also wanted to go to Nizhny Novgorod, but quickly refused. Prices are going through the roof, and all the hotels are sold out. I went to Avito as a replacement for AirBnB. And immediately got upset. Either Avito is too soft for the sphere of daily rent of apartments, or Nizhny Novgorod residents are not the smartest people. It seems that Avito gave the option of online booking by connecting the calendar. But nobody uses it. When you book, they shout “busy!” in the messages, some witty ones indicate one price, and then offer another several times more. I thought that, well, I was not ready to rent "grandmother's" Khrushchev with the appropriate repairs for 6 thousand per day.

In short, we went to Nikola-Lenivets, whichpositioned as a trendy art park 200 kilometers from Moscow. They recently bought new sleeping bags and other bells and whistles, so the girl immediately offered to go camping with a tent. Barely dissuaded and for once I heard that I was right and thank you very much.

Getting to the park is a dubious pleasure,since the last 15 kilometers you have to go along the road that you expect to see in the plots of Channel One dedicated to the special operation. Of course, you need at least an SUV, because otherwise you are constantly scratching the bottom.

In the field next to the central parking enthusiasticallydogs pooped. The field itself, like all the roads in the park, is beaten to death by SUVs. I thought that the art park was just being built, but it turned out that Nikola-Lenivets has been working since 2012. Art objects are scattered throughout the park. Since many objects are made of wood and, apparently, it did not occur to their creators that the wood should be covered with either varnish or some other impregnation for protection, some are already in a deplorable state.

Around the art objects, the Moscow fashionable public in white sneakers and leather pants kneads shit. Apparently, the first time here and did not expect this.

Probably in the summer in the park when everything is greenmuch nicer. You can go for a one-time trip in good weather, but you should not expect much. So I went to St. Petersburg: there is Ladoga, and Oranienbaum, and cheap scooters, and traditional kebabs on the bay.