5 new MediaTek chipsets

The MediaTek chipmaker has recently been very actively announcing new chipsets. However, for some reason exclusively tablet - for a week already accumulated five pieces.

MediaTek MT8168 - 4-core chipset for budgettablets, relatively productive, very economical in terms of energy consumption. The ceiling for photo capabilities - a pair of 13 MP cameras and video recording 1920 x 1080. Supports screens with a resolution of up to 1920 × 1200. Deprived of the built-in modem.

MediaTek MT8175 - close to MediaTek MT8168,also 4-core, also clearly focused on low-cost devices without support for mobile Internet. They promise good energy efficiency, including in the standby mode of voice commands.

The MediaTek MT8766B Quad Core will fit fortablets with small screens, as it is not able to cope with high-resolution screens. Its ceiling is 1600 × 720. Theoretically supports high-resolution cameras (21 MP, 13 + 8 MP), but does not have an artificial intelligence module. But it is provided with support for LTE networks. In its characteristics, it is very similar to the MediaTek MT8167 chipset announced in 2017.

MediaTek MT8183 in its characteristics is veryrecalls last year's “smartphone” chipset Helio P70, with the difference that it is not intended for smartphones and does not have support for mobile Internet. But there is a built-in artificial intelligence module. Unexpectedly high resolution cameras are supported (32 MP / 16 + 16 MP), which is strange - why do they need tablets?

MediaTek MT8768T is an 8-core for tablets of a level even slightly above the budget, one might even say average. There is support for LTE networks, high-resolution screens, multi-megapixel cameras.

Tatyana Kobelskaya