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5 most unusual pistols and rifles of our time

On our Zen channel there is an article about the mostunusual types of edged weapons, which few people know about. Since it was written, it has collected tens of thousands of views, and this is not surprising - people love everything unusual and unknown to others. Such an increased interest in unusual weapons was the reason for writing a new article in which we will talk about modern pistols and rifles that seem to have left the screens with fantastic action films, but at the same time they really exist. I propose to start the article with a laser rifle, which cannot inflict serious wounds on enemies. But blinding the enemy and causing panic for this unusual weapon is a piece of cake. So, let's begin?

Amazing XM-25 grenade launcher, which will be discussed at the end of the article


  • 1 PHASR Laser Rifle
  • 2 "Smart" pistol with owner protection
  • 3 The fastest machine gun "Metal Storm"
  • 4 Rifle Corner Shot Launcher
  • 5 "Smart" grenade launcher XM-25

PHASR laser rifle

Laser weapons have been around for a very long time, andusually meant to blind opponents. During the Falklands War in 1982, British scientists used the Dazzler rifle for this purpose. A few years later, a UN convention decided to ban laser weapons, which can cause total blindness.

Laser rifle PHASR in the hands of a professional

Laser developed by the US Department of Defensethe PHASR rifle meets the UN requirement. The blinding effect of this weapon is temporary and can be used to induce panic among the enemy military. It sounds cool and such rifles really existed, but it was decided to abandon them. The fact is that the power of the PHASR rifle was not enough for use at long distances. It was supposed that it could be useful for the police, but they also abandoned the blinding weapon.

We have to admit that the PHASR rifle looks very futuristic.

"Smart" pistol with owner protection

In action movies with shootouts, you probably sawscenes where the criminal snatches the gun from the hands of the policeman and points the barrel at him. To prevent such cases, the American company LodeStar Works has developed a "smart" gun that can recognize its owner. So that no one but the owner can use the weapon, an NFC sensor, a PIN code entry panel and a fingerprint scanner are built into it. The cost of such a pistol was estimated at $ 895, which can be compared with the price of a powerful smartphone. The idea is interesting, only experts consider such a weapon unreliable due to the large amount of electronics - at a decisive moment, it may not work even in the hands of the owner.

Inside the LodeStar Works pistol

The fastest machine gun "Metal Storm"

The fastest machine gun in the world has been developedAustrian craftsmen in 2012. It is called "Metal Storm" and this name fully conveys its main feature - the weapon creates a whole storm of lethal bullets. The best version of the machine gun was capable of firing 1,620,000 bullets per minute, which is more than enough to destroy any armor. Bullets were fired from 180 barrels at an initial speed of 95 meters per second. But why are we talking about him in the past tense? And all because a powerful weapon consumed too much ammunition and was difficult to use. Because of this, it was decided not to use it in hostilities.

Machine gun "Metal Storm"

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Rifle Corner Shot Launcher

Many games like Counter Strike havedishonest players who, with the help of programs, gain invulnerability, the ability to see through walls, and a number of other advantages. The same "cheating" tools exist in real life. The most notable example is the Corner Shot Launcher, which was developed in the early 2000s for use by special forces teams. It folds on its side and allows you to shoot from cover without any risk of getting a bullet in return. For aiming, a camera is used in front of the structure and a screen at the end. Such weapons are considered especially useful in situations where criminals take hostages. Analogues of the Corner Shot Launcher rifle are in service with many countries, including China, South Korea and India.

Cunning rifle Corner Shot Launcher allows you to shoot from around the corner

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"Smart" grenade launcher XM-25

Finally, we left the XM-25 grenade launcher, whichwas developed by the German company Heckler & Koch and the American Alliant Techsystems. Unlike other grenade launchers, this model has a computerized filling that allows you to determine the range of the object and set the time of the explosion of the launched projectile. With such weapons, the military can create sophisticated combat tactics and strike targets with amazing cunning. It was expected that the powerful weapon would be put into service in 2014. However, due to the high cost, inconvenience of use and delay in development, the project had to be closed.

XM-25 grenade launcher

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Maybe you know other examples of unusual modern weapons? If so, write in the comments - it will be interesting to read.