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5 most iconic Moskvich cars

In the next few years on Russian roadscars of the Moskvich brand will appear again. The fact is that recently the Moscow plant "Renault Russia" passed into state ownership and it was decided to use it again for the production of cars under a cult brand. It is not clear which Moskvich models will be revived and whether new ones will appear among them. However, in the first stage, engineers will assemble classic cars with internal combustion engines. And then, if possible, the production of electrical modifications will be arranged. Without exaggeration, Moskvich cars are iconic because they were produced from the 1930s until the beginning of the 2000s and were on everyone's lips. I think this news is an excellent occasion to remember the most important Soviet cars produced under this brand.

Advertising car "Moskvich 408"


  • 1 History of the Moskvich plant
  • 2 The most popular Moskvich cars
    • 2.1 Moskvich-400
    • 2.2 Moskvich-410
    • 2.3 Moskvich-407
    • 2.4 Moskvich-408
    • 2.5 Moskvich-412
  • 3 Racing car "Moskvich"

The history of the plant "Moskvich"

Automotive plant "Moskvich" was openedin November 1930 in the area of ​​the current Volgogradsky Prospekt in Moscow. In those days, the Ford Model A car and its Ford Model AA cargo version were assembled at the production workshops. They were created from American components in collaboration with the American Ford. In 1932, the plant began to receive parts from the Gorky Automobile Plant, after which GAZ-A cars appeared on the roads - these were licensed copies of the same Ford-A.

Plant "Moskvich" in Soviet times

GAZ-A car is an official copy of Ford Model A

Since then, the plant has changed several names.In 2004, it was renamed Renault Russia and produced cars under the Renault brand. But, in mid-May 2022, the assets of Renault Russia became the property of the Moscow government, and the plant again began to be called Moskvich.

Automobile plant "Renault Russia"


The most popular Moskvich cars

Over the entire history of the plant's existence, dozens of models were produced, among which were both popular and less well-known, experimental versions. Let's remember the most important of them.


The car "Moskvich-400" is the first masspassenger car, which was available in the USSR for ordinary people. The first copy rolled off the assembly line in 1946 and its design almost completely repeated the German car Opel Kadett K38. It was equipped with a 23-horsepower engine, monocoque body and independent suspension. It is noteworthy that the model was even equipped with windshield wipers, which was a novelty for those times. But there was one drawback - for unknown reasons, the car did not have direction indicators.

Car "Moskvich-400"

In 1954, the model was renamed to"Moskvich-401", because it received great improvements. For example, engineers have provided it with a more modern gearbox, reinforced engine and upgraded interior. The novelty was produced not only in the form of a sedan, but also in the form of a convertible and a van.

Convertible "Moskvich-401"


In 1958, the firstSUVs "Moskvich-410". They were equipped with two doors, as well as a canvas or metal roof. In general, they resembled previous models, but were all-wheel drive and rose more above the ground to overcome natural obstacles like mud and so on. The cars were driven by a 45-horsepower engine, thanks to which they could pick up speed up to 106 kilometers per hour. The target audience of "Moskvich-410" were directors of collective farms, foremen and other agricultural workers. In total, 7580 copies of the model and its modifications were produced for the period from 1957 to 1961.

SUV Moskvich-410


In 1958, the plant produced a car"Moskvich-407", which can be considered the most stylish of the entire line. It was a modification of the Moskvich-402 model and attracted attention with an abundance of chrome parts, a red flag on the hood, bulging inserts on the sides (moldings) and other decorations. In the cabin, too, everything was fine: the driver had a clock, a heating system and even a radio at his disposal. A powerful 45-horsepower engine at that time allowed the car to accelerate to 115 kilometers per hour. The Moskvich-407 model was not only the dream of Soviet citizens - it was appreciated at its true worth at the World Automobile Exhibition in Brussels and was given a gold medal.

Car Moskvich-407


Another beautiful Soviet carcar industry was "Moskvich-408". It was released in 1964 and surprised people with a beautiful body shape and 13-inch wheels - this was not the case in the USSR. Due to her beauty, the model often got into movies like The Diamond Arm. The disadvantage of Moskvich-408 was its power, because it was equipped with an outdated 50-horsepower engine. But most people did not pay attention to this imperfection, and the car sold well until 1976, not only in the USSR, but also abroad.

Car Moskvich-408

Car Moskvich-412

Racing car Moskvich-G1-405

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Of course, this is not the most complete "Moskvich", which are worthy of your attention. You probably know about other cult models - write about them in the comments, and you can send messages with photos to our Telegram chat. We wait!