5 hyphens in a row will restart the iPhone

Apple continues to experience persistentproblems with software for iOS. Updates, eliminating detectable bugs in fire order, immediately lead to new problems with apple smartphones. The last such mistake was the ability to use the trivial hyphen character to completely restart the iPhone.

The bug was first detected by a Twitter user withNickname @JosieNatorie. It turned out that the usual series of five hyphens in a row, introduced using voice dialing, reboots the iPhone. It is noteworthy that the bug works for various languages ​​and iPhone models on which iOS 12.1.4 is installed. According to technical bloggers from Russia, who confirmed the existence of such a problem, the bug manifests itself in iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and even iPhone 6s.

Yes, it really plays on XS Max stably

- Sergey Demidov (@sdemidov) February 12, 2019

However, Apple's trouble did not end there. The ability to reboot with five dashes may migrate to iOS 12.2 beta 2 planned for March. The developers at Apple have not yet responded to the identified bug and there is no guarantee that it will be fixed in the full version of iOS 12.2. The problem has been revealed only by Russian-speaking users, foreign bloggers do not claim such an error.