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5 horror stories from childhood from the point of view of science

Children are gullible and tend to believe everything thattheir parents tell them. Adults sometimes abuse this gullibility, and use various horror stories to make the child obey or not be capricious. Perhaps the most famous scarecrow of kids is a babayka, which will certainly come if the child does not obey. However, sometimes parents scare children with horror stories not on purpose, but for the reason that they themselves believe in them. This is most likely due to the fact that once in childhood they were also scared by their parents. What horror stories are you talking about? Those that you also probably heard and, perhaps, continue to believe in them. Therefore, we propose to further consider them from a scientific point of view.

Many of us in vain in childhood were afraid of common horror stories.


  • 1 You can not look at welding
  • 2 What happens if you swallow gum?
  • 3 Walking without a hat threatens meningitis
  • 4 Don't Crack Your Fingers Or You'll Get Arthritis
  • 5 If you squint your eyes, you can stay like that for life

Can't watch the fight

Surely you have heard that in no caseYou can't look at electricity. Many people, when they hear a characteristic crack, even cross to the other side of the street and turn away so as not to accidentally look at the welding arc. According to this horror story, if you look at welding, you can instantly go blind. But is it really so?

The danger of the welding arc to the eye is associated withits ultraviolet radiation. It can burn the conjunctiva. This is a thin transparent membrane that covers the outside of the eyeball and the inside of the eyelid. In the case of a burn, a person feels pain, as well as a feeling that sand has got into his eyes. In this case, photophobia occurs, the eyes turn red and flow.

It is dangerous to look at electric welding for a long time at close range

The severity of the burn depends on the distance from whichthe person looked at the welding, and how long he did it. If a person looks at welding for a few seconds from a distance of 5-10 meters, nothing will happen to his vision. And even more so, the person will not go blind. Even if a person looks at welding, and he has the above symptoms, they will blow on their own after 2-3 hours. And if you look at welding from a distance of several hundred meters, then this will not cause any harm at all.

What happens if you swallow gum

Many horror stories are associated with swallowed by accidentchewing gum. According to one version, chewing gum will be digested in the stomach for 7 years. According to another, it will clog the intestines, that is, cause an obstruction, as a result of which the child may die if he is not operated on in time.

Gum does not stay in the stomach for seven years, it leaves the body within two days

Chewing gums are made from syntheticmaterials - elastomers, resins and waxes. Our body is really not able to digest them. However, this does not mean at all that chewing gum will remain in the stomach for 7 years or harm the intestines in any way. Thanks to peristalsis, it is excreted from the body within two days. Therefore, nothing terrible will happen to an adult or a child if he accidentally swallows chewing gum.

Walking without a hat threatens meningitis

"Meningitis" is a terrible word that parentsscare children and thus force them to wear a warm hat and generally dress well. This disease is really worth fearing, because it involves inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord. Without timely treatment, the mortality from it is 85%.

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That's just neither a warm hat, nor a scarf from meningitiswill not be saved, and the vaccine will quite cope with this task. The thing is, it's an infectious disease. It is transmitted by airborne droplets. But do not think that we are calling for walking in the cold without a hat. Hypothermia can cause a number of other health problems.

You can not crunch your fingers, otherwise arthritis will occur

As a rule, parents forbid children to crunchfinger joints. According to this horror story, such a habit will lead to arthritis. "Arthritis" is the general name for diseases that cause inflammation of the joints. But can inflammation begin due to the habit of kneading fingers with a characteristic sound?

Cracking Your Fingers Doesn't Lead to Arthritis

Contrary to popular belief, they crunch at allnot joints. This sound is made by bursting bubbles of gas dissolved in the liquid that fills the joint. Accordingly, no damage to the joints occurs. In addition, there is no scientific evidence that such a crunch leads to inflammation. Therefore, the horror story can be safely attributed to one of the myths about our body.

If you squint your eyes, you can stay like that for life

Surely everyone heard that you can not squint your eyesto the nose, and generally make grimaces. If at this moment something or someone frightens the child, he can remain so for life. In fact, nature has made our eyes and facial muscles mobile. People can rotate their eyes and make any other movement, including mixing. The same goes for the facial muscles.

It is not dangerous to squint your eyes, fright will not cause a pinched nerve

Pinched ocular or facial nervesassociated with fear. Most likely this horror story arose due to the fact that adults wanted to make children behave decently. But over time, adults themselves believed in it. Therefore, grimace to your health!