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5 facts about modern spacesuits for flying to the moon

In the next few years, we are in for something veryinteresting and important - NASA wants to send people to the moon again. Initially, it was expected that the manned mission would be carried out in 2024, however, at some point there were big problems with the spacesuits. American astronauts are still wearing suits that were designed in the late 1990s, so something modern is a must for a new mission. According to information from the Internet, the aerospace agency has spent more than $ 400 million on this case, and so far has not presented anything worthwhile - except, perhaps, two prototypes in 2019. Recently it became known that the responsibility for the development of a new generation of spacesuits was shifted to private companies Axiom Space and Collins Aerospace. Let's find out 5 facts about the new generation of spacesuits for flying to the moon.

Around 2025, people will be back on the moon, in brand new suits.


  • 1 Suits will fit everyone
  • 2 There will be two suits
  • 3 Suits will be as comfortable as possible
  • 4 Suits will allow you to walk on the moon
  • 5 Space Suits Will Make Exploring the Moon Easier

Suits will fit everyone

NASA Aerospace Agency and private companiesAxiom Space and Collins Aerospace have entered into a contract that is valid until 2034. The choice fell on these companies because Collins Aerospace was involved in the creation of the current suits, and Axiom Space has experience in space tourism and wants to create its own segment on the ISS. The latter company is especially interested in working with NASA, because it will be able to use the created suits in its missions. The contract does not have a fixed amount - the agency will pay for specific stages of development. In total, $ 3.5 billion has been set aside for the development of spacesuits.

Old NASA spacesuits

NASA gave companies almost completefreedom to develop. But there is one important requirement - spacesuits must fit people with any physique. To be more precise, suits should be on time starting with the 5% of the shortest women and 95% of the tallest men.


There will be two suits

The Artemis mission will usetwo types of suits. Most likely, private companies will improve the prototypes presented in 2019. The first of these is called xEMU and is designed specifically for walking on the lunar surface. The second is referred to as OCSS and will protect the bodies of astronauts inside the spacecraft, during takeoff and landing. Suits are divided into two types because they cannot be universal. To walk on the moon you need something well-protected and massive like xEMU, and inside the ship something light like OCSS.

xEMU suit (left) and OCSS (right)

Suits will be as comfortable as possible

Inside the xEMU lunar suit, astronauts will be able towork up to 8 hours - one more hour is reserved for emergency situations. It will allow researchers to stay on the moon at temperatures from -121 to +121 degrees Celsius. Unlike the old suits, the new suit will allow you to easily turn your torso and even bend down to pick up rocks from the satellite's surface.

The xEMU suit will allow you to lift rocks from the surface of the moon

As for the OCSS suit, it will be the maximumlight, but at the same time it is good to protect from cosmic radiation and exposure to different temperatures. Gloves will be made in such a way that pressing the touch screens is recognized as easily as possible.

The OCSS suit will make it easier to control the spacecraft

Suits will allow you to walk on the moon

If you watch the video of the first flight to the moon in1969, Neil Armstrong can be seen jumping around. During the presentation of the new spacesuits, NASA President James Bridenstine noted that the new spacesuits will allow walking on the surface of the Moon - this will be their main feature. How the engineers achieved this is currently unknown. Most likely, we will find out about this closer to 2025, when the day of the flight approaches. In order not to miss the article, subscribe to our Telegram channel, you will not be disappointed!

The first people on the moon moved by jumping


Space suits will make it easier to study the moon

For the NASA aerospace agency, it is not importantonly the very fact of the return of people to the moon. Astronauts will be engaged in research work that will require endurance and attentiveness from them. First of all, they will collect lunar soil - as part of the mission, it is planned to send 85 kilograms of samples to Earth. The astronauts will also try to establish a video link with the Earth and, ideally, we will be able to watch a historically important event live. It is expected that the new suits will significantly facilitate the implementation of these tasks.

Maybe we can watch the mission live

It turns out that in many respects the success of the programArtemis will depend on private companies - NASA will simply control the process. The organization has shifted to private companies not only the development of spacesuits, but also the creation of a landing module - this is done by SpaceX.


Finally, here is an additional fact about the Artemis mission. It is reported that astronauts will be able to move on the surface of the moon in a car. About what it will be, I told here.