5 facts about Amazfit GTR 3

In some incredible way, the Amazfit GTR 3 watch model slipped past me, so I close this topic

given material.And since we already had the GT 3 series on our review, I decided to talk about the gadget in five facts: relatively briefly, clearly and distinctly, in order to decide whether to buy the device or not.

Let me remind you that the GT 3 series includes three devices:GTS 3 - light and compact rectangular watch; GTR 3 Pro - round, high-resolution screen, leather strap, speaker and microphone; GTR 3 is a simplified version of the flagship without a speaker, with a lower resolution of the round screen and with a silicone strap.

Today Amazfit GTR 3 costs about 13,000 rubles.

Table of Contents

  • Specifications
  • #one. Classic design
  • #2. Digital crown
  • #3. Working hours
  • #4. Decent display
  • #5. Wonderful set of technologies
  • Impression


Screen 1.39"
454x454 pixels
326 PPI
round glass
Battery 450 mAh
Magnetic holder
Up to 21 days typical
Up to 35 days SaveMode
Up to 10 days active mode
Up to 35 hours with active GPS
Network Bluetooth 5.1
Positioning GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS, QZSS
BioTracker 3.0 6 sensors + 2 lights
Light sensor
temperature sensor
Water resistant 5ATM
Strap Silicone, 22mm wide, 155-218mm long
Динамик и микрофон Microphone only
Weight 49 grams
Dimensions 45x45x10.8 mm

#one. Classic design

This model was created specifically for those whoprefers the classic look of the watch. It seems to me that the GTR 3 will suit absolutely everyone: there is a relatively strict design here. However, they do not look too stiff or, conversely, too bright. However, it is difficult to determine the age of the owner of the watch: they can be worn by both schoolchildren, office workers, and respected university professors.


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There are two versions of the gadget on sale - in beige anddark grey. Both options look good. One way or another, the strap is interchangeable, since it uses the usual 22 mm mount. On the same AliExpress, you can find dozens of multi-colored silicone straps, including metal, leather and even nylon.

#2. Digital crown

Since I'm talking about classic design, thenmention should be made of the winding wheel. Of course, in GTR 3 it does not perform the function of winding the watch (although programmers could implement some original move, albeit for fun). However, it is impressive: the “twist” is large, with transverse notches to increase the contact between the surfaces of the fingers and metal.

The digital crown can scroll through the menu, scroll through the message text. During these actions, the watch gently vibrates - they have a tactile feedback like the Taptic Engine.

The implementation of this scheme is average.For example, when the screen is active, the wheel is not used to navigate through the widgets: if you turn it slowly, then the movement of the message text does not match the vibration, and if you turn it quickly, then the vibration disappears altogether.

In general, the idea is cool, but implemented simply.

#3. Working hours

The official hours of operation are as follows:

  • 35 hours with GPS enabled
  • 10 days of intensive use
  • 21 days in normal use
  • 35 days in power saving mode

My experience with the clock was between the second and third points. As a result, I received about 12 days in the usual mode and 9 more or less intensive.

How to achieve twenty-one days of work GTR 3, frankly, I do not know. Just turn off notifications.

However, it is worth paying tribute to the fact that if the gadgetis almost not used, the battery is discharged very slowly: for 3 days of briefly turning on the clock screen, the battery has sat down by only a couple of percent.

In general, I was pleased with the energy efficiency of the device, because it uses a fairly fast chip, high animation speed. Watches from Apple and Samsung generally work 1-2 days.

#4. Decent display

The screen size of this model is optimal - not too big and not too small. The matrix, of course, is AMOLED, with a brightness of up to 1000 cd / m2 and a pixel density of 326 PPI.

The screen-to-body ratio is average - 66%, the frames could have been narrower. But due to the dark themes, their edges are invisible.

The picture on the screen of the Amazfit watch is really clear, rich and bright. Information is readable under any lighting conditions.

And most importantly - the refresh rate of the displayis 60 frames per second, so the entire interface just flies without lags and brakes. If you have seen how smoothly the latest generation of Apple Watch works, then with Amazfit it is the same.


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#5. Wonderful set of technologies

Most experienced users of modernwearable devices are no longer surprising with any set of technologies. However, even if you do not use half of them, everything can be useful in life.

By the way, it is worth noting a large numberdials. They are made qualitatively, beautifully - in general, do not find fault. In the app store, you can choose for every taste: with arrows, animated, electronic, with a dark or light theme.

The next moment is the measurement of the pulse, the amountoxygen in the blood, stress and respiratory rate. All this is fixed in 30-40 seconds with one touch of a button. For example, if you don't feel very well, quickly check for hours - and it will immediately be clear what is wrong. Amazfit also perfectly “checks” your sleep: it collects data on the phases, on the respiratory rate and shows recommendations.

Messages are a little "wiser":they can be answered with ready-made templates or emojis in WhatsApp / Telegram, a lot of text is displayed on the screen, which is easy to view by scrolling the digital winding wheel. Typically, such smartwatches display a couple of sentences at best. In the case of the GTR 3, a whole paragraph fits.


If you've been looking for a smartwatch with a classic design, decent materials, decent looks, and an impressive feature set, then the Amazfit GTR 3 is the one for you.

The system of the device runs smoothly, the working timequite enough to receive notifications within a couple of weeks. The screen is bright, the information is readable in any lighting conditions. There are no problems with GPS either. There are templates and emoji for replying to messages.

As such, the device has no minuses, the watch is quite optimal in all respects. Even the price of 13,000 rubles in the current conditions seems to me adequate.

Therefore, I safely recommend Amazfit GTR 3 for purchase.

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