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5 facts about a giant asteroid that came close to Earth

NASA is trying to keep trackbehind all the asteroids that, at least with a small degree of probability, can collide with the Earth. If an object is within 193 million kilometers, it is flagged as near-Earth, and if it flies at a distance of 7.5 million kilometers or less, it is immediately included in the potentially dangerous. At the moment, scientists know a lotasteroids, the trajectory of which can pass through the point at which the Earth is located - in this case, a terrible catastrophe will happen. Recently, there have been especially many reports of such objects, and every month there are more of them. Suddenly, for many people, astronomers suddenly announced that on April 28, 2022, an asteroid will fly by our planet, which is twice the size of the 381-meter Empire State Building skyscraper. The event had already happened, so we were on the verge of death?

Scientists started talking about another dangerous asteroid. What is known about him?

A potentially dangerous object that flew very close to the Earth (by the standards of the Universe) is called 2008 AG33. It was discovered on January 12, 2008 by astronomersfrom the Mount Lemmon Observatory in the US state of Arizona. Let's find out a few facts about him, because after a few years he will return to us again - this is a fairly frequent guest in near-Earth space.

The trajectory of asteroid 2008 AG33 is shown as a white line


  • 1 The size of a dangerous asteroid
  • 2 The speed and danger of the asteroid
  • 3 Asteroid will definitely not destroy us
  • 4 Dangerous Asteroid Will Return Soon
  • 5 It's not the biggest asteroid around Earth

The size of a dangerous asteroid

According to astronomers' calculations, asteroid 2008 AG33 hasdiameter from 350 to 780 meters. In foreign publications, it is compared with the 102-story Empire State Building located in New York. Since scientists cannot name the exact size of the asteroid, we can compare it with the St. Petersburg skyscraper Lakhta Center, whose height reaches 462 meters.

Empire State Building

The speed and danger of the asteroid

It is believed that the flight speed of the asteroid 2008AG33 is 37,400 kilometers per hour. Attention is 30 times the speed of sound. If a giant space object collides with the Earth, it will not seem small. The collision will cause an energy release, which is comparable to the explosion of a nuclear bomb, after which several large cities will definitely be wiped off the face of our planet.

Asteroid impact could kill thousands or even millions of people

An asteroid will definitely not destroy us

At least in 2022 to be wary of fallingasteroid 2008 AG33 is not worth to Earth. At the time of writing on April 28, 2022, the asteroid should already have passed our planet at a distance of 3.2 million kilometers. By the standards of space, this is very close, but still, this is about eight times the average distance between the Earth and the Moon - there is nothing to be afraid of. Some space objects fly at a closer distance, and nothing bad has happened so far. For example, in January, an object (7482) 1994 PC1 the size of a skyscraper flew past us - it approached 1.93 million kilometers. And nothing, everyone is alive.

Asteroid (7482) 1994 PC1


Dangerous asteroid will return soon

Asteroid 2008 AG33 flew past, but forget aboutit is not worth it - in a few years they will talk about it again. Such celestial bodies move in orbit around the Sun, so after the asteroid makes a circle, it will again appear in near-Earth space. Astronomers estimate that 2008 AG33 flies close to the Earth every seven years, with the next approach expected to occur on May 25, 2029.

There are a huge number of asteroids in space and many of them are dangerous for humanity.

It's not the largest asteroid around Earth.

Space object 2008 AG33 will not be the mosta large asteroid in near-Earth space. In fact, there are so many messages about potentially dangerous objects that you can get confused in them. Previously, scientists said that in May 2022, an asteroid 2009 JF1 with a diameter of 128 meters could fall to Earth. However, there was information that around May 9, asteroid 467460 (2006 JF42) will approach the Earth with a diameter of 380 to 860 meters and a speed of about 40,700 kilometers per hour. And now he may well get the title of the largest asteroid near the Earth.

Flight path of asteroid 467460 (2006 JF42)

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There are many potentially dangerous asteroids, butthe current generation of people is unlikely to suffer from them. You need to be afraid of September 2182, because this month a collision with the asteroid Bennu may occur - due to the Yarkovsky effect, its trajectory may change and there is a high probability that the object will crash into us. Read more about one of the probable causes of the death of mankind in this material.