5 best text editors running in a browser

If you are working with documents, then installationspecial applications for their creation are completely optional. Although programs are generally considered a more reliable tool, sometimes web services are preferable. For example, when you do not have access to your own PC, and you can only rely on a browser, online tools will allow you to work with text documents no less conveniently.

one. Google Docs
Google Docs is considered the Gold Standard,and not without reason - the service has long become the most popular text editor. It contains all the tools necessary for formatting, a number of ready-made templates, it also has auto-save files, it saves version history. In addition, the service has excellent opportunities for collaboration, has add-ons that allow you to expand functionality, as well as its own proprietary cloud storage.

2 Microsoft Word Online
It is an online version of one of the mainMicrosoft applications in which many users create documents and work with them. It’s convenient that the interface of Word Online is familiar, and the possibilities are almost the same as the desktop version of the editor, including the ability to work together and support various file formats.

3 iCloud Pages
This text editor is available by default forall users of the Apple ecosystem. The online version of Pages can run on any computer, which the application cannot boast of. You will have access to all documents from iCloud Drive, and progress will be automatically synchronized with other devices. While collaboration is also supported, all your colleagues will need iCloud accounts.

four. Zoho writer
In terms of features, Zoho Writer does notinferior to neither Google Docs nor Word Online. Its interface looks minimalistic, but here it is quite possible to create and view files. Provides support for co-editing documents with colleagues, also has several separate modes of operation with the corresponding toolkits.

The appearance and functions of this open sourceThe text editor is very reminiscent of Microsoft Word. Along with viewing files and creating new ones, it is possible to download existing documents located in cloud storage and work on them in real time together with colleagues who use other services or applications.