4K video of a view of the Earth from the side of the Moon

Earthlings have already received the opportunity to observe theirplanet through the eyes of the Mars spacecraft Curiosity, and now, thanks to a scientist from the Japanese space agency JAXA, a video is available showing the mutual movement of the Earth and the Moon throughout April 2020.

On video, in 4K format, planetary scientist JamesO'Donoghue, who previously worked at NASA, has collected images of the Earth taken by the US agency from the side of the Moon, as well as photographs of the Moon taken from Earth. The expert edited the footage into the video, as a result of which you can see the mutual movement of both space objects in April 2020.

In the presented video you can observethe change of day and night on Earth and at the same time track the position of the Moon above the surface of our planet. Considering that the Moon is constantly facing the Earth with one side, when watching the video, you get the feeling that it is the Earth that revolves around the Moon. However, when viewing the general mutual scheme of planetary motion in the central lower part of the video, everything falls into place.

The main goal of O'Donoghue's video is to visualize the various phases of the Moon's motion during its revolution around the Earth. One frame in the video corresponds to 15 minutes of real time.