3D-printer The Food Printer prints livers and pizza (6 photos + video)

Taiwanese company XYZ Printing plans toNext year, launch The Food Printer, a 3D printer for printing cookies, pizza and chocolate figures. In this case, the price of equipment will be lower than that of competing companies and will be approximately 1.8 thousand US dollars. A 3D printer includes three tanks for different products (dough, chocolate, sauces, and so on.) However, as long as the unit can only print food, therefore, before use, semi-finished products must be cooked in a conventional oven. Instead of ink, the printer uses special product mixtures, and the main advantage of the device is the ability to experiment with forms: by connecting it to a computer via USB, the user can add new “recipes”. Developers of the 3D-printer assume that the commercial enterprises will be interested in the device first of all. The Food Printer will first appear on the Asian market, and after obtaining the appropriate certificates and permits, it will reach Europe and the USA.

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