3D printer “printed” a boat 7.62 meters long (video)

The use of 3D printers is gradually becomingcommonplace and allows you to create unusual, non-standard objects. Nevertheless, for printing extended objects, large printers will be required, the use of which is not economically feasible in everyday life. Such printers are so far more designed to receive awards from the Guinness Book of Records, but in the future they can seriously change the life of mankind.

In Maine (USA) at the University CenterA group of enthusiasts carried out an experiment to “create” a large object using a giant 3D printer of advanced designs and composites. Judging by the three world records and the Guinness Book of Records fixing the largest object in history printed on a 3D printer, the largest printer working with polymers and the largest boat created using 3D printing, the experiment was a success.

Scientists "printed" a boat the length of which was7.62 meters, and the mass is 2267 kg. In the manufacture of the object were used wood and plastic. At the same time, the creators of a unique printer claim the ability to print objects up to 30 meters long, 6.7 meters wide and 3 meters high. Printer performance allows you to print objects using 226 kg of plastic per hour. However, it took 72 hours to print the first boat.

With the advent of such technology, wood will be actively used back in shipbuilding. In the immediate plans of the experimenters, the launch of a commercial version of giant printers.

Source: techradar