3D meat for astronauts will be printed right in space

Space exploration comes intophase of long flights, during which astronauts will need a large supply of food. One way to optimize the food program for space stations is to use 3-D printers.

3D Bioprinting DevelopersSolutions, a subsidiary of Russia's Invitro, has already achieved outstanding results in 3D printing of organs for implantation. The next stage of the program will be the creation of meat for the ISS cosmonauts directly in orbit.

Currently, the bioprinter has been delivered to the ISS"Organ.Avt", which successfully coped with the task of printing tissue from the mouse thyroid gland and the human joint. To realize the task of printing meat for feeding astronauts, the cellular material of a rabbit and a cow will be sent into orbit.
Experts talked about economiccomponent of the project. Currently, the delivery of one kilogram of cargo costs 50 thousand dollars, and the price of one kilogram of 3D meat will cost "only" 10 thousand dollars. On the face of a significant reduction in the cost of delivering food into orbit. Similar space food production programs in orbit are now sponsored by the Japan Space Agency through a dedicated fund. Similar projects are being developed in the USA and China.

Source: Forbes