3D beef printed in space (video)

Space exploration requires a solution not only purelytechnical tasks, but also ensuring the normal functioning of astronauts. Creating conditions for the production of food products similar to the terrestrial ones will increase the efficiency of space travelers and make a difference in their meager diet.

Solving a problem can become a reality whenimplementing a partnership program for startup Aleph Farms from Israel and the Russian company Bioprinting Solutions. The Israelis developed a technology for the production of beef from cow cells, and the Russians provided a 3D printer to "print" the biological product.

Using cow cells and a printer, onThe International Space Station was the first to create beef-like meat. The Israelis used the cells of cows, which in the laboratory are "converted" into marketable meat.

The first experiments conducted on the ISS showedgood results. Technology developers from Aleph Farms said that the creation of artificial meat will solve the food program not only for space researchers, but will also provide nutritional areas of the Earth in which it is difficult to develop livestock. It should be noted that the experimental 3D beef created at the ISS is not yet used for food and is intended to prove the very fact of the possibility of producing meat in space.

Source: prnewswire