3D printing of human tissues will take place inside the body

3D printing is currently more and more activeused in medicine to create individual parts of the human body, internal organs and blood vessels. However, in the future, when implanting new parts of the human body, doctors are forced to use surgical methods that are associated with the risk of rejection and require a long healing process. Avoid such negative consequences will help a new development of American scientists who proposed to carry out 3D printing directly in the patient’s body.

В процессе создания 3D имплантатов даже при the perfect match of the new donor organs, there remains a high risk for rejection by their immune system, and after the surgery to replace the organs, the tissues must go through a long healing process. In this case, the patient’s body, weakened by the underlying disease, is exposed to additional stress, and the risk of infection remains.

US universities affiliate program allowedcreate special inks for 3D printing, which allow you to create organs inside the human body. Experiments have shown that new inks are able to solidify at the temperature of the human body and take the necessary shape when irradiated with light inside the body.

For printing fabrics usedadvanced printer that provides full automation of the process. The tip of the printer, which penetrates into the body, received a special valve that restricts the exit of ink to the surface of the body. Using this method will allow you to replace certain tissues and organs directly in the patient’s body, without resorting to surgery. According to scientists, the new development is an important step in the creation of individual tissues that can cure many injuries and diseases.

Source: eurekalert