32-megapixel retractable camera Vivo V15 Pro officially confirmed

Neither the date of the announcement of the model Vivo V15 Pro, nor the factthe presence of a retractable camera smartphone, the secret, and so were not. So one cannot say that the new promo videos on Vivo V15 and V15 Pro have reported a lot.

They only showed the design of the model (at least -older), showing almost completely occupying the front surface of the screen and a triple module of the main camera. The absence of visible signs of the fingerprint scanner indicates that it is embedded under the screen. In addition, the official resolution of the front camera - 32 MP. Vivo V15 Pro, thus, will become the world's first owner of a 32-megapixel retractable photo module. It sounds solid.

Apparently, the same design the camera got and Vivo V15, but without the guarantee of the same resolution.

Expect details of not long, smartphones will be presented on February 20 ..

Video featuring Vivo V15 Pro:

Tatyana Kobelskaya