229-meter "Valkyrie" will be the largest yacht in the world

All of us since childhood represent the yachts as smallwhite ships, parts of which are neatly stacked on top of each other like a wedding cake. Designer Chalhun Park was tired of this and developed a plan for the creation of a huge yacht “Valkyrie”, the length of which will be a record 229 meters. It will not be like all the other yachts - the structural elements will be arranged in a chaotic manner. Buy it for personal use will not work - it will be open to all comers. Visitors can go to casinos, galleries, restaurants and even theaters.

Direction in the design in which to be made"Valkyrie" is called deconstructionism. Its founder is considered the French philosopher Jacques Derrida - designs created according to his concept have curved shapes. In this style, for example, the Dancing House office building was built in Prague. In essence, this is an architectural metaphor of a dancing couple.

Initially, the "Valkyrie" was a graduation projectChalhuna Park, studying at King's College London. After Palmer Johnson, the leading designer of yachts in the USA and Europe, turned his idea to his idea, the project turned into something more. Together, the designers created a drawing of a huge 229-meter yacht, which is able to beat the current record. It belongs to the yacht Azzam, which is owned by the President of the United Arab Emirates. The yacht reaches a height of 180 meters.

As planned by the designers, “Valkyrie” is notpersonal transport billionaires, and a public place for entertainment. It has 26 cabins for 52 guests, and 46 lounges for 92 employees. The interior is full of large windows and has a terrace for walking. The body with a layer of carbon fiber will be covered with steel and aluminum. The form of the yacht will provide the least resistance to the wind - so she will be able to develop greater speed with minimal fuel.

It is still unknown when exactly the construction of a huge yacht will begin. There are also a lot of other yachts in the world, which you can read about in our special material.

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