1TB microSD card has become a reality

At the beginning of the year, Lexar released an SD card containing 1 terabyte of data. Now Micron and SanDisk have demonstrated at the MWC 2019 exhibition memory cards with the same volume, but in microSD format.

SanDisk UHS-I microSDXC card reading speedis 160 megabytes per second, the recording speed is 90 megabytes per second. The model from Micron is significantly slower when reading: 100 megabytes per second, but it surpassed the competitor by 5 MB per second when writing. Store on each drive will be hundreds of hours of video, as well as millions of photos. And do not think about how much space is left.

Of course, new items will cost a lot. The price of new items from SanDisk will be 500 US dollars. The cost of the card from Micron is still unknown. Both new products will begin to sell closer to the summer.

The question of reliability remains open. How long is such a memory card?